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Social media is constantly changing, adapting, and updating to meet users’ needs and keep up to date with the latest technology; Our Social Media Forecast for July delves into what we’ve seen and what you can expect over the coming months.

Last month, we suggested that there would be some significant movement on the short-vide front, and it seems like we were on the money!

Reel updates, algorithm changes, and user accessibility are all on the cards for July…


Our Social Media Forecast For July


Visions of the Metaverse

Meta, whilst keeping Facebook in the spotlight, has its heart set on the Metaverse and believes it will be a real game-changer for social media.

Although, with so many promises floating in the ether and $10 billion pumped into the project, Meta has changed its strategy and is focusing on where it’s heading rather than the current cartoonish VR landscapes.

The latest promo campaigns from Meta showcase technologies that focus on communication, breaking down barriers, and bringing people together.

Whilst it’s a wonderful concept, it looks like this virtual future is a few years off and we are yet to see some concrete examples of the technology in action.


VR Accessibility

Horizon Worlds - our july social media forecast

Image Credit: Facebook

With plans set out for the Metaverse in the pipeline, Meta has recently expanded its Horizon Worlds VR creation to cover users in the UK.

This means that British VR users will now be able to join the US and Canada in creating virtual spaces using a range of 3D objects and tools.

This not only provides exciting opportunities for casual users but also brands and businesses, as they can create virtual shops and spaces to promote eCommerce and products.

It’s an exciting and innovative update to keep your eyes on and may shape the future of brand marketing and communication as we know it!


Algorithm and Feed changes

Updates to the latest iOS have already led to some major changes to Facebook Ads, meaning that businesses must adapt to reach previous ROIs and target audiences.

However, you can expect some significant changes to your Facebook feed over the coming months as Meta seeks to incorporate more AI-recommended content into newsfeeds.

Rather than seeing content based on personal connections, users are set to be shown photos, videos, and status updates based on overall engagement and popularity.

With the addition of streamlining sharing and improving messaging tools, this could be an interesting update to watch as it could affect the way that you interact with audiences.



Support for Younger Users

Instagram nudges - our social media forecast for july

Image Credit: Instagram

Digital Wellbeing is a positive trend shifting into focus for many platforms, highlighting the importance of stepping away from tech and logging off.

As the younger generation grows up in a heavily digital landscape, it’s important that social media handles issues such as mental health and overuse in a careful way.

To manage this, Instagram is adding some new in-app ‘nudges’ to minimise harmful impacts on younger users, in response to concerns surrounding overuse and the façade that social media can often portray.

These nudges will appear in the app in the form of notifications to guide users towards more mindful content and topics, whilst steering away from imagery that may be harmful.

This is believed to be in response to last year’s leaked Meta documents from The Wall Street Journal, revealing that Instagram was especially harmful to teenage girls, leading to increased suicidal thoughts.

Whilst it’s unclear what the true impact of these ‘positive nudges’ will be, only time will tell if it improves the well-being of younger users on the platform.


Full-screen feeds

Instagram post from Mark Zuckerberg

Image Credit: Instagran

You may have noticed that your Instagram feed has changed significantly, with posts being presented in a full-screen format, reminiscent of TikTok.

Whether you like it or not, this feature crept its way into feeds back in March and is set to stay following the impact of TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Do you love it or hate it?


Focus on Reels

Instagram Reels post remix

Image Credit: Social Media Today

It’s not a surprise that Reels are being improved, updated, and expanded to all users on Instagram.

Following in the footsteps of TikTok, Instagram is encouraging users to create short-form videos by adding remix options for Reels.

This update enables users to create Reels based on your feed post content, which can then be downloaded within their clips and can be re-used elsewhere.

For businesses, this could be quite useful for inviting responses for new products or brand announcements, as respondents can quickly share responses via Reels clips.

It’s definitely one to watch if you’re looking to improve your overall engagement!



A future under Musk?

Elon Musk embodies the quality people hate most in a boss — Quartz at Work

Image Credit: Quartz

Elon Musk has had his sights set on Twitter over the past few months, and his hostile takeover is still awaiting confirmation as he ‘umms’ and ‘aaahs’ his decision.

However, the Tesla CEO held his first meeting with Twitter staff earlier this month, which focused on improving freedom of speech on the social platform through policy changes.

He also discussed his plans to tackle bots on Twitter, although, it has not yet been made clear how this issue will be dealt with.

Until Musk makes the move and decides to sit at the helm of Twitter, the future growth of the platform remains uncertain.



How Engaging!

LinkedIn Funny reaction

Image Credit: LinkedIn

To improve the overall user experience, LinkedIn has introduced the new ‘funny’ reaction to sit alongside six other emoji response options.

According to reports, the platform has seen a significant rise in levels of engagement over the last two years as a response to Covid-19 and staying in touch with professional connections.

The addition of this new reaction serves to keep engagement and interaction at the forefront of the user experience, whilst also hitting back at the “professionalism only” attitude towards the platform.


Join the Conversation

Like we said, LinkedIn is seeking to break down barriers and encourage more online users to join the platform by promoting the power of community.

LinkedIn has traditionally been seen as a professional platform focused on career progression and networking.

However, in its latest ad campaign, the social media site is seeking to step away from these assumptions and provide a space for users to discuss interests with like-minded people.

Expect to see more open, honest, and down-to-Earth conversations when scrolling on LinkedIn from now on – a focus the platform has in its sights.



User accessibility

TikTok Viewer history

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

If you’re a TikTok creator or are a daily scroller on the app, you will probably of noticed the recent addition of the ‘post view history’ option.

This new feature – if enabled – allows users to see who among their followers has viewed their TikTok clips, on the basis that said viewers have opted-in to have their activity tracked.

Whilst this raises questions surrounding data privacy, it could provide opportunities for aspiring influencers to reach out to potential collaborators who have scrolled through some clips.


Digital Wellbeing

TikTok scheduled breaks

Image Credit: TikTok

Much like Instagram, TikTok is rolling out updates to introduce Digital Wellbeing features that prioritise downtime and reduce overuse.

Scrolling can be incredibly addictive on TikTok, especially as the platform aims to keep you on the app for as long as possible, which is why the hours seem to disappear when you head onto the app.

The latest wellbeing update offers insights into how much time you spend on the app, providing opportunities for users to set time limits and schedule breaks.

These updates are set to tackle the ongoing issues surrounding the impact of social media usage on younger audiences.

Whilst this tackles the addictive nature of the app, we are yet to see what changes – if any – the platform will make to manage potentially harmful content.


The future of social media appears to be in the hands of users, meaning that accessibility and the overall in-platform experience are a key focus for all social media giants over the coming months.
What is your social media forecast looking like for July? Do you think Our Social media Forecast ticked all the right boxes? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us at

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