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Overnight we’ve gone from soaring heat to shivering indoors with bed socks on and leaves dropping off the trees.

The nights grow darker as each hour passes and spooky season draws nearer, and social media updates are few and far between.

A lot has happened in the online world and we’re expecting to see the veil of updates grow incredibly thin, but we won’t terrorise you too much with antici…pation…

Let’s dive into past updates and our social media premonitions for October.



Encouraging commitment through monetisation

Image Source: YouTube

YouTube continues to be the world’s top content consuming and creating platform, and it is set to maintain first place with these rewarding updates coming in 2023.

With Shorts providing quick boosts to creators in both views and watch time, channels will soon be able to become YouTube partners and get monetised faster if they have 10 million reported views on Shorts in the past 90 days.

There will also be new ways to earn money through Shorts, with the addition of more ad opportunities and even the ability to do so on content that features licensed music.



A dying platform?

Image Source: Twitch

Last month saw a whole host of drama kick off on Twitch, the internet’s top streaming platform, from announcing gambling bans to refusing to grant a 70/30 revenue split for creators.

With drama seeming to never end in September, many are suggesting that Twitch’s supreme reign as the top streaming platform is coming to an end.

Twitch announced that in 2023 they will be cutting the 70/30 split for premium streamers down to the standard 50/50 split that applies to the rest of the platform.

Streamers such as Jerma, who have a high following on the platform, are threatening to turn to YouTube Gaming once their contract ends.

Is this the beginning of the end for Twitch?



The End of Live Shopping

Image Source: Meta

After starting Live Shopping, just two years ago – a service that allows users to live stream shopping events – Meta is closing the feature on the 1st October.

Trying to beat TikTok’s e-commerce features didn’t go as planned it seems, as Meta announced that this move was due to the changing behaviours of users.

This change probably won’t have an impact on you unless you run regular merch streams on the platform.



Doubling Down on Reels

Image Source: Tech Crunch

Do you ever just stumble on to random reels in your Instagram feed?

There’s a reason behind that: Meta have introduced an AI tool to suggest recommended reels to users throughout their feed.

There’s been a lot of negative feedback about this change as many users report coming across completely irrelevant and downright annoying content that completely clogs up their picturesque feed.

Despite this, Meta are seeking to increase the number of AI-recommended reels that users see in a bid to boost earnings in 2023.



Stay Connected, Keep Conversing

Image Source: Social Media Today

In an effort to keep its community engaged, LinkedIn is making it easier to manage your inbox, prioritising meaningful conversations.

Like most mail apps have a focused inbox, the professional platform is introducing a similar feature that will filter out junk and bring valuable messages to the forefront.

Spam or sales-y content is set to hit the ‘Other’ tab, and it will be interesting to see what impact this will have on lead gen for some users.


Video Content on the Rise

We’ve mentioned time and time again that long-form and short-form video content proves to be popular for online users.

That still remains true here in October, with lots of updates set to shine a spotlight on YouTube Shorts well in 2023.

Whilst Instagram and Facebook have some catching up to do with Reels, it seems like creators and marketers alike should think about keeping their practices in line with the push toward video content.

Have we missed anything?

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