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Social media campaigns are notorious for their potential to reach large audiences in a low-cost, impactful, and effective way.

With billions of people now on social platforms, and this number continuing to increase day after day – there is truly no better way to position your business within the public eye.

Think to yourself, how many of the following campaigns have you heard of?


Spotify Wrapped

Image Credit: Spotify

In 2021, Spotify launched its 2021 ‘Wrapped’ campaign, Instagram stories across the glove were flooded with users sharing their unique top artist overviews.

As part of the campaign, Spotify offers a curated playlist of the user’s most played songs throughout the year.

It also curates a click-through story with colourful slides outlining your top artists, favourite podcasts, and top songs.

People love personalised, shareable content – Spotify nailed this campaign!


Airbnb’s Support for Ukraine

Image Credit: Washington Post

Earlier this year Airbnb announced its goal to provide 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine with free temporary housing – support for the campaign was widespread with Barak Obama promoting the effort on Twitter.

Over 30,000 hosts signed up on Airbnb to provide free housing. This charitable campaign reached national headlines and made Airbnb a household name.

Companies can forge positive relationships with charities that go far beyond simply donating money.


Apple’s #ShotOniPhone

Image Credit: Mac Rumors

Arguably Apple’s most effective campaign was #ShotOniPhone – this campaign managed to both activate Apple’s community and showcase the product itself.

The campaign utilises both online and offline advertising to spread the message, the hashtag has been used more than 26 million times on Instagram alone.

This is explosive brand exposure without Apple having to pay for it directly.


Learn from the best brands out there and think about if your business could benefit from an online campaign.


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