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From improving the user experience to encouraging more users to monetise, our social media forecast for August delves into what you can expect from socials next month.



More Monetisation

Image source: Meta

Meta has been searching for new ways to help creators on its platform to earn money, one example being by adding exclusive content options for paying subscribers.

Other platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, have added subscriber-only options allowing creators to provide exclusive content for their communities.


SME Support

To support growing businesses, Meta has announced that it is looking to offer programs that provide tips and tricks to smaller brands that are looking to reach a wider audience on Facebook.

The training will include online workshops and courses designed to provide insights on Reel creation, how to build copy and nailing photography.

We expect that Meta will explore more ways to help businesses on its platform by releasing new tools and techniques to keep them and their audiences engaged.



Ads Creative Studio for Businesses

Whilst not a social media update, Google has made its Ads Creative Studio tool available for all businesses, allowing them to construct ad content efficiently using existing assets.

The tool allows brands to create multiple versions of a single display or video ad, helpful for businesses to boost their campaigns. We’re hoping to see more tools made readily available to businesses of all sizes.



Creator Marketplace

Image source: Social Media Today

In July, Instagram began testing its creator marketplace for influencers. To sum up, this tool allows advertisers and businesses to search for potential creators to partner up with for campaigns.

It’s unclear how successful this tool is, however, if implemented it would allow brands to manage their chosen creators through messaging, where payment and other information will also be accessible in the app.



More Messaging

Image source: Lifewire

In keeping with user accessibility, Snapchat has made its app available on computers, meaning that users can send messages on more than just mobile.

It seems that this trend for keeping on top of the user experience is one we are set to see continue over the coming months, as social media giants seek to keep users engaged and online.



SME Tips

Like Meta, TikTok is set to release a program for SMEs to gain insights on how to create content that reaches their audience.

The program will provide marketing advice to brands to help them build their communities through successful content that pushes them towards smashing business goals.



The Musk Saga

It’s not looking good for Elon Musk as Delaware’s Court of Chancery voted in favour of Twitter for an expedited trial in the Musk acquisition case.

With a trial date set in October, Musk will have to provide evidence as to why he can pull out of the deal – we’ll have to see what happens.


What the Future Holds for Social Media

We’ve waffled on about the push toward video content, but this month it’s all about the user experience and encouragement for creators.

With more people pursuing creative careers and hoping to make it big as an influencer, social media outlets are exploring ways that they can provide support by improving the user experience and adding accessible monetisation options.

Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t look into the future, we’re expecting a push towards community-focused content and more programs that give SMEs and large businesses alike the chance to market themselves successfully to wider audiences.


Did we miss anything?

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