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There’s a lot of competition out there on Instagram and it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd and your competitors. We have come up with some top tips to make the most of your account and help you increase your following. Here’s how you can create an engaging Instagram feed:


Consider your Followers

followers on instagram are inspired by an engaging instagram feedBefore you can create an engaging feed, you need to ensure you understand your audience and what they get up to online. Who are they? What accounts do they follow?

If you’re new to Instagram and are seeking to build a community, you can drive traffic from your other social platforms to follow your account…

  • Consider sharing links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Display your Instagram account on your website
  • Place a physical QR code in the window of your business
  • Encourage customers to follow your page in-person

Be Consistent

engaging feed

Image source: @bertandmay

There are a few factors you need to consider before creating content and addressing your followers.

Consistent and identifiable branding draws attention to your products and services, encourages memorability, and builds connections with your following. Colourful imagery and colours put your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind and improves loyalty.

When crafting posts, you need to also be aware of the scale and composition of your images. This means factoring in whether you are sharing close-up product images or including eye-catching environments. A mixture of the two encourages engagement and boosts likes.

Another form of content that you should consider is video content, which is being heavily pushed by the Instagram algorithm!


Develop an Engaging Feed Strategy

The most popular Instagram feeds often follow a strategy that alternates between imagery and text-heavy content, which results in a truly beautiful and organised feed that followers are bound to love. Whilst the post variations are incredibly effective, it’s important that you devise your posting schedule accurately to avoid making a mistake.

Another strategy you should consider is having three themes and styles of imagery to post consistently to result in a vertical line in the middle of your feed to guide viewers, encourage new visitors, and boost engagement.

However, regardless of how your grid is looking, content is still king.

Whether you’re a brand, a small business or are offering a service, pick five themes associated with your brand and shape your content to surround these pillars. For example, as a children’s clothing business, you could focus on themes such as colours, affordability, content for parents, your USP, and reviews.


Use Editing Tools

filters on instagram used tohelp create an engaging instagram feed

Before scheduling posts, use editing tools such as Canva or PhotoShop to bring the best out of your images.

From increasing brightness, adding effects, and sharpening the overall look, you can improve the brilliance of your image to make it stand out in your feed.

If you’re struggling to get your head around all the buttons, Instagram has a library of free filters that you can use to reflect the feel of your business.

For example, if you have a vintage shop then you might favour Gingham or Sierra when editing your image.

In contrast, some accounts consciously choose not to use filters, which becomes part of their marketing ethos. At the end of the day, It all depends on your brand and what your message is.           

If this all seems a bit daunting and you don’t quite know how to create an engaging Instagram feed, then our friendly and creative team is here to help. We offer 1-1 training and in-depth social media management that guarantees consistent content and regular engagement. If you would like a chat about our services, then please email us at or call us on 01904 863511.

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