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How PR Can Help Small Businesses

Another day, another corporate apology.

Big brands are no stranger to cringeworthy mistakes in front of the ever-judging eyes of the public – but what about SME’s?

Whilst you’re most likely not dealing with largescale reputational nightmares as a small business, utilising PR can still go a long way in embedding, protecting and strengthening your reputation with those that matter the most to you.

Right now, you may have your pool of repeat customers who love your brand, but this is not a foolproof way to sustain growth.

Future customers will be influenced by what they hear about you – capture this audience by making sure there are enough positive messages surrounding your business.

PR is not just about news and sending out press releases, there are other ways you can enhance your reputation – blogs, testimonials and a consistent social media presence all can play a huge role.

There are some great examples of small business PR from announcing the expansion of your business, as demonstrated by Bad Girl Bakery, sharing the news of your most senior appointment, or even conducting your own research to demonstrate your thought leadership position in your industry.


Target Readers and Budget Considerations

As you may have gathered from those examples, you are not limited by your industry when it comes to PR, if it exists – there is an audience for it, which is why PR can help small businesses establish themselves and reach a wider market.

Before you dive in, it’s worth considering your budget.

Perhaps working with a PR firm on an ad-hoc basis might prove more bountiful.

If you are launching a new product, service or business – this could be the perfect route to go down.

Whatever you may decide, consider PR within your growth strategy as a small business – favourable publicity is most often the result of proactive PR.

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