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Entering the New Year, there have been plenty of new and exciting updates for social media. From meeting spaces to simplified feeds, here is our list of some of the top social media updates in January so far.


Rearranging Grid Posts

Whilst not exclusively confirmed by Instagram themselves, users have reported that the platform is experimenting with allowing individuals to rearrange their profile grid in any order.


One Twitter user, Allesandro Palluzi, a mobile developer, shared that the feature would include an “edit grid” button that would allow images on a profile to be moved around and rearranged.

If approved and introduced as an update, it would be helpful for brands and businesses to format their professional accounts to their heart’s content with ease.

Profile Statuses

Another feature being tested on select users is adding a temporary status to profiles. Like WhatsApp updates and Facebook stories, these small messages are set to last a specified period to let followers know what you are up to. The statuses are displayed within the messaging section of the app whilst also directly on the profile.

This feature would be handy for professional accounts to update followers when they have any exciting news on the way or if they are out of the office.


Increased Control Over Privacy and Data

To improve its transparency, Meta launched its new ‘Privacy Center’ to allow users to see how Facebook uses their data. The settings within this section allow individuals to control what data the platform has access to and even turn any tracking off.

The initial version has five modules:

  • Security: This includes features such as two-factor authentication and overall account security.
  • Sharing: Users can set who can view their posts and manage their news feed.
  • Collection: Provides information on what data Meta collects and allows users to view collected data.
  • Use: Explains how Meta uses data and why it is collected. In this section, users can change their data settings.
  • Ads: Details how the platform determines what adverts users see on their news feed.

Currently, the center has been launched for some users in the United States. It can be accessed by navigating to the Settings and Privacy section on the desktop version of Facebook.

Creator Studio Story Highlights and Timeline View

Facebook Adds New Features to Creator Studio, Including Stories Highlights  and Timeline View for Posts - Techregister

Facebook added some new features to its Creator Studio, including the ability to add story highlights of video clips and a timeline view to show how your content will appear in your follower’s news feeds.

When adding a video to Creator Studio, the platform will automatically spawn a short clip highlighting a key section of the footage to add to your page’s Facebook story. Once posted, a small “See more” tag will be added to the highlight to encourage users to click and watch the full content.

Additionally, Facebook added the ability for pages to preview how their content looks in user newsfeeds. Whilst not a significant update, this small change could be beneficial for brands to ensure their content appears eye-catching and ticks all the boxes.


Audio Rooms

Like Facebook rooms and Twitter spaces, LinkedIn is seeking to launch a meeting space for users of their own. The professional platform launched testing of audio rooms for users to host meetings and other virtual events.

“Being an active part of the conversation at an event can help you make new connections, bolster your professional brand and inspire peers. In our new experience, you can participate in the live conversation by raising your hand and joining the speakers, “on stage” to help direct and add to the discussion.” LinkedIn.

This potential update is being investigated and tested to meet the demand for online services and live chat tools due to the impact of the pandemic on working from home. If successful, it is expected that the featured will be rolled out for all users by the end of January.


Extension of Keyword Blocking and Muting to Explore

Twitter Support announced that blocking keywords and muting would be extended to other app areas, including the explore section and events. This means that users who have been muted, along with blocked keywords, will be excluded from the explore and events tabs, providing users with increased control over what they see on their feed.

The features have been launched for iOS, android and web applications for all accounts and will include other app sections in the coming months.

Home Search Bar

A new feature being tested on iOS users only is the ability to search for users, hashtags and keywords from the home tab. If implemented for other users, it would make the application more accessible, allowing accounts to search for relevant content quickly and efficiently.

There have been so many exciting updates so far in January, with many more set to be introduced throughout 2022, which could be a massive benefit to your business!

What has been your favourite social media update so far? Get in touch and let us know.

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