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Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds? What catches your attention, why and how often does that content elicit the all-important click through to a business’s website? Social media posts can be overwhelming and thumb numbingly inane.

Do you want your business to stand out from the competition? Of course you do! Here at Pick and Mix Marketing, we have extensively researched the current social media graphic trends for 2022 so you don’t have to. It’s an exciting time, creatively, post-pandemic.

Here are some of the key trends that you can put in place to pump up your business feed:



This is fervently anti-minimalism. Anything goes in a riot of colour, font types, irregular shapes, homemade and jarring collages. It’s intentionally disorientating and designed to stop you in your tracks to pay attention to your brand. It reflects the post lockdown mood and consciously breaks the rules.


90’s Nostalgia

We know everything comes back around and we’ve been 80’s design-focused for some time now. In design terms, the world is moving forward to a 90’s vibe (led by Millennials and Gen-Z). Simple emojis, dripping slime (!), bright colour blocks, neon, grainy textures, Serif fonts. From neon green to acid yellow, fluorescent colour palettes are infiltrating every corner of Instagram – bringing a perfectly progressive, Gen-Z aesthetic to the table.


Bubble Design and Mismatched Fonts

More is more! Shake up your tried and tested fonts and branch out to bolder, funkier fonts. Mismatching fonts in your post is very on-trend. Mirroring interior design affirmation artwork. Have fun with your posts! Font fun a go-go!


Diversity & Inclusivity

Thinking about these issues are no longer just gestures but should be at the forefront of every business ethos. Using inclusive imagery in your posts is integral to the success of your brand and we’ve come a long way in the last two years in terms of the widespread use of diverse imagery. Also integrating inclusive language that addresses gender, race, disability or orientation.


Sustainability and Eco Aesthetics

Has your business made significant changes in response to upping your sustainability credentials? Well, if you haven’t already then it’s definitely time to shout about it in your business social media feeds. This could be posting about a change to environmentally friendly packaging, using more locally sourced ingredients or choosing a more sustainable option when outsourcing any services.


Motion and Animation

Video is king and this continues to grow in importance. Instagram is working towards an increased focus on video content and moving away from primarily photography-based imagery. They are investing heavily in ‘Reels’.

Here are some ideas for videos for your business social feeds:


2022 graphic trends for social media are all about shaking things up, disrupting and aiming for the holy grail of stopping potential advocates of your brand in their thumb scrolling tracks! What are your thoughts on current trends, can you see them aligning with your brand?
If you would like to have an initial conversation with Pick & Mix Marketing Solutions to discuss how we can help you achieve your social media aims then please contact us at or call us on 01904 863 511.

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