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Moving out of May, we’ve seen a greater focus on video content, discussions surrounding freedom of speech online, and a new Twitter owner at the helm. A lot has happened in such a short space of time so, here’s our social media forecast for June.


Say Goodbye to Spam

Twitter deal put on hold temporarily: Elon Musk

Image credit: Free Press

As Elon Musk has struck an exclusive deal to buy the growing platform for £35 billion, one of the key issues that the Tesla CEO has his eyes on is the rise of spam bots on the platform. The billionaire said that he would seek to eradicate all fake, duplicate, and spam accounts that are running riot on Twitter and ruining the online experience for other users.

However, as Musk analyses the latest spam data for Twitter, his deal is on hold as he figures out his next move and whether spam is really a serious issue for the platform.


Potential Subscription Model in Place

Twitter Debuts Subscriptions to 'Super Users' in New Revenue Push - Bloomberg

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If Musk’s deal goes through and he becomes the new CEO of Twitter, there are rumours that a new subscription model could be put in place to tackle spam, fund the costly platform, and guarantee a reliable audience.

This could have a huge impact on businesses that use Twitter as their main way to communicate with their community and creators who make the most of the monetisation options currently available.

Despite discussing subscription models, Musk is yet to make his mind up on whether he will push for payments or instead drive traffic to Truth Social.


Spaces take Shape

Spaces is here, let's chat

Image credit: Twitter

Spaces are a fantastic way for creators and businesses alike to host exclusive discussions with their followers and engage with like-minded people about topics of interest.

With more and more users choosing to communicate this way, Twitter is set to encourage more users to host Spaces by enabling discussions surrounding particular tweets.

This will give users more control over how they communicate topics and ideas with their audience.



Short Video Takeover

Facebook Changes How Videos Rank in the News Feed

Image credit: Search Engine Journal

Meta has been focusing on keeping audiences engaged by encouraging the publication of short videos to compete with the viral video platform Tik Tok.

The social media giant has announced that publishers on the site should seek to use short-form videos to target their audiences, as this will be heavily favoured by the AI algorithm.

This means that marketing agencies and news outlets alike will have to refocus and change their tactics to meet the shift in focus and stay ahead of the game.


Data Control for Users

How to Download Facebook Data

Image credit: Tech Advisor

Over the past few years, data privacy has been a key issue for all social media platforms, as users seek to understand how the giants use personal information.

To maintain transparency, Facebook is seeking to expand its data control for all users by removing a range of location tracking tools to fall in line with evolving worldwide data regulations.

Keep your eyes out for changes in the terms and conditions, and any updates to the Privacy Centre.



NFTs Are All the Rage

Meta to begin testing NFTs on Instagram | ZDNet

Image credit: ZDNet

If you haven’t heard of NFTs, then you must be living under a rock.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are entirely unique assets that exist on a blockchain and can represent real-world items such as real estate, or digital artwork.

As they are entirely unique, they cannot be replicated meaning some digital art is sold for thousands or millions of pounds on online marketplaces.

Instagram has announced that it will release its long-anticipated NFT display options that will allow selected creators to integrate tokens for Ethereum and Polygon, with other platforms set to join the roster in the near future.



Greater User Experience

The professional platform has been focusing on improving the overall user experience through adding new reaction options, more skills to display, and additional profile preferences.

If LinkedIn is your primary platform, expect a greater push towards creator-driven content, more personal posts, and extra reactions to encourage engagement.


Creator Boost

Creators on LinkedIn are set to gain a boost through planned monetisation options, more control over profiles, and a friendlier algorithm.

Users will be able to display custom URLs on their platform to drive traffic to websites, which is fantastic for businesses who are seeking to convert followers to sales.


With Summer on the way, June is set to be a landmark month for social media, as Twitter is on the brink of major changes that could impact users across the board, and other social media giants have their hearts set on the overall online experience. 

Let us know what your social media predictions are for June in the comments below!

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