Social Media Strategy

As a business with a solid online presence and a blossoming community, it is your daily duty to keep your clients engaged and in touch with your brand. After all, a silent business that sticks to the shadows is guaranteed to lose current customers and miss out on key opportunities to get your pages in front of fresh eyes!

Engagement can consist of directly interacting with followers through comments, messages or even interactive content such as polls or quizzes that allow direct access into the minds of your audience. Here are a few ways that you can effectively engage with your followers:

Check For Engagement Daily

Log on every day to check for any notifications across your socials: Reply to comments, answer any queries and share stories. By staying active, your followers will feel special and realise that you are a business that cares and wants its followers to be heard. Not only can you discover which posts achieve more likes, but you can gain an insight into how your followers use social media and when they are online.

Once you know when your followers are scrolling, make their social sessions unique by helping them feel engaged. If a user shares a heartfelt, emotional review of your brand that makes you all tingly inside, then share that post to your page for all to see. The reviewer will feel acknowledged whilst encouraging others to type up their feedback to get noticed.

Create Community Content

Keep your community interested and engaged through content relevant to your brand and industry. If you’re an independent coffee shop, share clips of behind-the-scenes barista footage of beautiful latte swans and frothy flowers. After all, your followers care about who you are and what you do, so own it and post it.

Watch what other businesses within your sphere are posting to shape your content to suit the latest trends and attract a wider audience. If a barista trend begins where you share your attempt at the fastest coffee creation, hop on the bandwagon and add a unique flair, so those watching want to find out more.

Follow and Make Friends

Hopping on trends and creating community content doesn’t just appeal to your followers but also fellow businesses. Rather than staying competitive, put on a friendly face and reach out to other brands to build connections and make friends – building bridges could lead to more business opportunities!

If a post from a fellow brand jumps out at you and would make an exciting read for your followers, share it to your account, tag relevant businesses or individuals and be sure to include your thoughts. Sharing your opinion shows that you are keen to start conversations and add your take into the mix, too

Effectively engaging with your followers isn’t a skill you can master within a day: You must stick with it and stay social to understand what flops and what takes off. Whilst the basics include likes, comments and mentions, feel free to play around with how you can communicate with your clients and boost your engagement. Adding a personal touch using emojis or cute cat gifs to respond to replies is a quirky way to stand out amongst the competition – Don’t be afraid to experiment with your social presence!

Now get out there and stay active online…but if you’re unsure where to start, we can offer a helping hand.

Get in touch and contact us at so we can support you with daily engagement.

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