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We love social media and know how much potential it holds for businesses. However, we are also well aware that we need to use it mindfully in order to protect and promote mental health. We’re delighted to welcome blogger Eve Martha to share her thoughts on the subject. She’s got some ideas for keeping a healthy relationship with social when using it for business. Over to Eve…


For many people in business today, social media is a huge part of their working day. It is important to recognise that, whilst being on social media may be necessary for your business, it is key to approach the way we use the online space mindfully. In this way, we allow our experience on social media to improve, and can also be more productive and mindful with the time we spend offline. Doing this is an important form of self-care. In today’s post, I wanted to share a few top tips to approach social media more mindfully when it is a part of your business.


The amount of time we spend online

When social media is part of your working day, it can be difficult to get the balance right of how much time is necessary to spend online. Something I have found to be helpful is setting a specific time in the day when I will be on social media. This is encouraging as it offers a time to put our phones away. It also means that the time spent online for business is more productive. Being mindful of time in this way tends to make our experience both online and offline more positive.


Who we follow

A big part of our experience online is shaped by who we choose to follow. This is often what we see online as soon as we log-in. I believe it is important to approach who we follow mindfully in order to create a more positive space. Choosing to follow those whose posts are constructive and helpful to your work is key to improving our experiences on social media. It means that when it comes to being online for business, you are less likely to be spending that time scrolling through posts and more likely to be seeing the posts you read as helpful.


What we post

We have complete control over what we choose to post. Before posting something online, take a moment to re-read it. Make sure that it reflects the message that your business wants to send out. Check that the language we use to portray this message can be understood constructively in written form. This not only makes the experience of posting something to social media more positive for you, but also contributes to making the online space a better place to be for anyone who follows you.


Approaching social media in a mindful way when using it for business is something that is great to consider. Allowing time spent online in a working day to be not only constructive for business, but also positive for our minds is important.


It would be great to know any advice that you may have for being more mindful on social media when it is a part of your career and business.


Eve Martha

Eve Martha

Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, Eve- we whole-heartedly agree! Read more from Eve here https://www.evemartha.co.uk and watch her on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrc5sCULlWdrk5gAJ1NbLfg.


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