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How to make the most of online communities


Social media provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with likeminded people, business communities, support groups, friends and family. We can keep in touch and join in on conversations taking place around the world at any time of day with instant contact. Social media is also a great way to forge and build relationships, both in business and in life!

Therefore, we thought it would be a great time to share some tips on how to find and engage with the right online communities for you. Find support, stability or guidance for you and your business, to help navigate these unchartered waters.

As a team, we use social media daily for our clients and our business, but outside of work, we find we use it in very different ways.  To provide you with some inspiration and to let you know a little more about us, let us share how we use social media and social communities…

Jess…the social butterfly

Jess is a part of a number of “social” communities on Facebook. She uses groups and pages from various social circles. These include her running club, parkrun, festivals she’s attending and local businesses to find out recent news and ask/provide advice. Jess finds groups and pages that share her passion to add value to both her personal and business life. Being involved in groups that offer support and showcase positive news stories draw her to social media. Jess would suggest anyone looking to get involved in a new hobby, attend an event they haven’t been to before, or take up a new sport, to have a look on Facebook. There are so many groups online ready and willing to offer helpful tips and advice, make the most of it!


Siân…the social hopper

Siân takes part in many social activities in her personal life including singing in the Stonegate Singers, lindy hopping around the country and learning new instruments (the latest being the saxophone!). For her, online groups and the online swing dancing community keep her in the loop when it comes to events. In charge of community engagement for local swing dancing group, York Lindy, Siân’s going to have to find creative ways to keep members bopping. She hopes to host some live Facebook socials or Skype lessons with her fellow committee members starting from this week.

Siân also finds LinkedIn a great platform for online networking. Since many networking events have recently been cancelled, she’ll be sharing ways for her training delegates and professional connections to keep expanding their contacts- even if they can’t meet offline.


Sally….the social learner

Sally uses online communities to help advance her knowledge and improve her skills. Sally loves to learn and is constantly seeking out new information to keep her on the top of her game. She uses Twitter and LinkedIn to seek out expert articles and news stories to find new information. She then shares them with her online community to help spread the knowledge. Sally uses LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups as well as her own Twitter profile to engage and get involved in discussions. She finds this type of social community involvement can have a really positive impact on her own personal development. That said, she urges people not to get too caught up in the “he said, she said” type conversations. Read what matters to you.


Sian B….the social searcher

Sian B, a mum of 2, finds online communities great for scouting out nearby events that would suit her family. Finding out what others recommend as days out and discovering hidden or new places are great benefits of being part of such communities.

She also uses local “mum” groups to seek out recommendations and advice when she’s unsure of what swimming class to choose, or how to deal with chickenpox. Sian B finds great support from other parents in similar life-stages. They are happy to provide helpful hints and tips.  In fact, parents themselves have taken inspiration from the more widely known ‘mum’ groups and set up their own. For example, Sian says the school mums now have a group focused on sharing any information from school that others might have missed. It’s also a place to ask for advice, help and support and to arrange those all-important mum’s nights!  The life of a mum has become very much part of social media, there are groups for all aspects of parenting!


So, there you have it, a little insight into the social habits of the Pick & Mix team! Find out more about us here.


If you’re unsure how to use certain social media platforms or would just like to have a chat through some ideas or thoughts, please give us a call on 01904 863 511 or email,

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