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As people are turning to social media to identify brand authenticity now more than ever, it’s important that businesses understand that types of content can help with this, as well as how to make content interesting and engaging to keep people coming back.



Whether you are looking to build content for your personal profile on LinkedIn or your company page on Facebook, take the following checklist into account:


  1. Create content to inform or educate about a chosen topic.


  1. Add value by helping resolve a problem – giving away advice or ‘how to’ tips is a great way to build trust and showcase expertise.


  1. Consider what is happening NOW in the world and create content relating to key issues.


  1. Ditch the sales spiel and use a chatty tone to encourage conversations.


  1. Include personalisation – name-dropping other businesses, brands, and people can help encourage engagements on your posts.


  1. Vary the type of visuals you use to accompany posts – a mix of video, imagery, and graphics can help keep things interesting and means you are more likely to engage different users with different posts.


  1. Guide customers on their journey by adding links to learn more, read more, contact you etc.


  1. Include third-party content: we recommend a maximum of 20% shared/third-party content within the mix.


  1. Maintain a positive tone when mentioning the business or any updates to encourage positive responses.


  1. Share UGC (user-generated content) such as reviews, case studies, check-ins, and tagged posts. They are a fantastic way to showcase brand trust.



We hope this simple social media content checklist has helped you create some great, attention-grabbing content, but if you still need a little help, let us know!


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