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As we head towards the festive season, it’s more important than ever that you’re on top of the updates to social media. For many businesses, Christmas is THE time to maximise the engagement of your followers! Just think about the many emotive Christmas adverts that we’ve seen appearing in our feeds from some of the big players. If you want to make an impact too, you need to know the latest feature changes to ensure your posts reach your ideal customers!



You may have received replies to your tweets from customers or those in your community. Up until recently, these had to remain public whether you wanted them to or not. Twitter has just announced however that you can now hide these replies if you’d rather they weren’t seen. This is useful if you find yourself subject to spam or if irrelevant replies are taking the focus out of a positive discussion you’d started.  Simply click on the drop-down arrow in the right-hand corner of the reply and choose “hide reply”.


Remember Twitter is a fantastic tool for small independents and big brands alike. We can explain everything from tagging to tone of voice on Twitter in one of our upcoming training sessions- click here to book.



Groups are growing and growing in popularity on Facebook. They are now the most popular feature on the network. If you’re an admin on a Facebook group, did you know you can see useful data about how the group is performing? Click on the group insights tab on the left-hand side. From there, you should be able to see the number of engagements and new members from the last week, month or custom time period. If you’re thinking about using a group to engage with your business’ community, this could be very useful in determining the potential of posting there. Don’t miss the list of top contributors too! Interacting with these individuals is likely to mean more people become aware of your presence.


Facebook group insights

Facebook updates






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For those of you who will be using Hootsuite to schedule your Christmas posts, there’s an update that should hopefully make things a bit quicker for you. When you begin to compose a new post, you can now see your recently used profiles and easily select the one you need rather than constantly searching for it in the “select a social network field”.



Have you planned out your content schedule yet? If not, why not download our Social Media Marketing Plan Tips here? We also have our series of social media sparklers across Instagram and LinkedIn for plenty of festive inspiration.


Thanks for taking the time to catch up on these developments. If you’re ready to take your social media to the next level and would like our help, then get in touch with our team on 01904 863511. 

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