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New year, new social media updates, new networking event.


As we enter a new year and a new decade, there’s lots to share in the world of social media, but before we share the first updates of 2020 with you, let us first shout about our brand-new event: Tuesday Social.

We are excited to launch our very own networking event on Tuesday 11th February at 10am at Bedern Hall in central York.


Tuesday Social will be a friendly, informative but casual event, so no business card hustling!  This relaxed networking group will provide the opportunity to gain a great mix of contacts as well as give you an insight into the fast-paced changes happening across social media. Our team will share with you the latest updates and trends and answer any questions you might have.


We wanted to create an event that was relaxed enough to welcome people from all business sectors but still leave you feeling you have learnt something new.

With coffee provided and hosted in a beautiful venue, what’s not to like about our new networking event? It’s social in more way than one!

Click here to join us.


Social Media Updates

As the new year gets further underway, it’s more important that you stay on top of the updates to social media and plan for what they might mean for your business.

If you want to make an impact, you need to know the latest feature changes to ensure your posts reach your ideal customers! So, here are our first updates of 2020.




Twitter has announced that it is going to withdraw the Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics by the end of January 2020 – this will be one of the first updates you might notice this year as it’s happening soon!

Not sure what we mean? Log in to your Twitter account, go to analytics and select Audience along the top tab. It’s this section that breaks down who your followers really are and gives you an insight into who you are reaching. Twitter hasn’t provided any further information at this stage about possible alternatives, but we’ll keep you posted if they do.



Twitter will let users limit or block replies to tweets.

When posting a message, users will also be able to choose who can reply anyone, just their followers, only people mentioned in the tweet, or no one at all.



LinkedIn will add live streaming to company pages!

This is still being trialled, but they plan to roll it out to all company pages soon. This could be a new way for businesses to engage with their followers on LinkedIn and to match the content features available on other platforms. Are you hosting an event? Have you got a big company announcement? Now you can let people in your network know about it in real time.




Instagram is apparently working on a new ‘Maps’ sticker for Instagram Stories. This feature will show your location on a world map. Map and location update tools seem to be making a comeback so keep an eye out.

Boomerang options

Instagram has added some new options to its Boomerang camera mode for Stories, including ‘SloMo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Duo’ variants.  The new options add more ways in which you can use the Boomerang mode to liven up your Instagram Stories.



Desktop layout

Facebook’s updated desktop layout is now appearing for more users. Whilst this is not a major change with new functionalities or tools, it does aim to improve desktop navigation.  Facebook’s intention with the update is to bring the desktop version more in line with the mobile app. Expected to roll out within first quarter of 2020.

Moderator suggestions

Facebook has added a ‘Suggested Moderator’ tool in group management. Therefore, if you have a Facebook group it will suggest any members of that Facebook group that are good candidates to become a moderator.

If you’re part of a group, then maybe you’ll be suggested yourself and be asked to take on this role!

Look out for more updates soon.


Thanks for taking the time to catch up on these developments. If you’re ready to take your social media to the next level then why not join us at one of our upcoming workshops or get in touch with our team on 01904 863511

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