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If you aren’t already using them, Instagram Highlights are a fantastic way to extend the life of your stories. This feature allows you to save your story content into albums which are visible on your profile for as long as you need them to be.

Highlights are a brilliant opportunity to enhance your customer’s journey. You could include FAQs, testimonials, product catalogues, services, tips and advice, and news about your business.

If you’re currently not utilising Highlights or not sure how to create them on your profile, we have put together an overview of the function and how to get started!


Creating a Highlight is simple…


Start by tapping the + New button, which sits below your bio but above your grid.















Next, edit the cover image if you want and name your Highlight.















Psst….you can also add live stories to your Highlight by tapping the Highlight option at the bottom of the story screen!


What else do you need to know about Highlights?

How often to post Instagram Stories Highlights: Post as often as you have relevant content.

What works?: Customer-focused albums such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) and product catalogues.

To note: It’s not possible to track the success of Highlights. Views are associated with the individual stories.

Highlight category ideas: FAQs, testimonials, UGC, product catalogues, services, tips and advice, and news.

Instagram Highlights strategy tips:

  • Be strategic when naming your Highlights albums. Think about what your customers want to know and create content to fulfil this need.
  • Clear out your highlights regularly. Highlights are shown from oldest to newest, which means a new visitor may be served outdated content.
  • Limit the number of albums. Only the first five albums are visible on the mobile app and seven on desktop.

Repurposing opportunities: Grab an album link to share in newsletters, emails, or on other social platforms.

Good to know: When you add new content to an album, it jumps to the front of the Highlights list. Also, avoid spelling out words or phrases in your titles to make them more concise.


If you have more questions about Instagram Highlights, get in touch > CONTACT US!

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