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Social media is constantly getting updated—so you should be, too. Here are some of the top social media news stories from September that you don’t want to miss!

  1. LinkedIn takes the “Groups” experience to the next level.

From the option to share rich embedded media to new notification settings to Group access via the mobile app, LinkedIn is finally introducing a revamp of Groups. In the past couple of years, the professional social network has been committed to bringing conversations to the forefront of the platform and this is just the beginning of the new tools that they’ll release in the next few months.

The new #LinkedInGroups experience helps you build and stay connected with your professional communities — anytime, anywhere…read more here



  1. Instagram confirms that it’s testing video tagging (finally).

Although video has been available on the platform since 2013, Instagram is only now testing the option to tag accounts in videos with a select few users. The functionality isn’t too different from photo tagging—you tap the small icon on the bottom left of the video and it links to a list of “People in this video” that includes everyone the original poster has tagged. This could open the door for features like shoppable videos in the future.


  1. Twitter launches an audio-only broadcasting feature.

Having a bad hair day? You can now experiment with, and share live audio-only content on Twitter—you just need to tap on the same interface where you would normally launch live video. The feature could be great to share news longer than 280 characters, and the stats are all there: number of live listeners, replays, time listened and other metrics. It’s currently available only through Periscope or the iOS version of the Twitter app.


  1. Facebook pushes for brand safety with new placement controls for video ads.

Starting on September 10, Facebook gave advertisers more control over where their ads might appear on in-stream videos (including those in Instant Articles and Facebook Watch content). Specifically, Facebook is introducing a Publisher List to let advertisers block their ads from appearing on content from specific publishers. FB is also adding a Publisher Delivery Report, a list of the sites and apps where their ads have appeared.

On Facebook, advertisers can now see where their ads might appear on in-stream videos, before, during or after a campaign.


  1. 250 million people are now using Pinterest every month.

With over a quarter billion monthly active users and 175 billion pins out there, Pinterest can be proud of its 75% year-over-year growth in user activity. Interestingly, the company also announced that more than 50% of its existing users and 80% of its new users are located outside the US. The visual network has been on a sprint to improve its processes and features, moving slowly away from social media to focus more on eCommerce.



  1. IGTV’s momentum slows down.

How do you convince video content creators to transition to a new, long-form platform? Branding full-screen vertical video for mobile only was a bold move from Instagram, but two months after launch, IGTV adoption is not quite there yet. Creators who partnered with IGTV at launch are seeing their channels get 6-7x fewer views than their feed videos and weekly installs of the app have decreased by 94%.

IGTV could get stuck with a reputation as an abandoned theater if Instagram isn’t careful!


  1. Say goodbye to over 5,000 targeting options in Ads Manager.

To minimise the risk of abuse, Facebook is dropping some advanced targeting options and introduced a new advertiser certification process. Back in 2016, before Cambridge Analytica, Facebook came under the radar after an investigation that showed that some targeting options were used to avoid advertising to people based on their race or religion.

While Facebook’s move limits targeting options on the platform, ad buyers say they’re not concerned because they could use similar terms to exclude people of a certain race or ethnicity from seeing their ads.


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