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Well, where do we start…Google+ is no more, Facebook Portal is coming to a home near you, Instagram introduces “nametags” and in-stream video ads go live on Twitter!


Here’s a bit more information on the updates you need to know about from October 2018…


  1. Farewell, Google+

Due to a recent data leak, low popularity and lack of developer adoption, Google announced on October 8th that it would be shutting down Google+. From event spam to a “real name policy”, what was seemed like a promising product had to face too many challenges over the years to remain standing among the social media giants. Google also announced a series of reforms to its privacy policies designed to give users more control of their data.

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  1. Facebook Portal – coming to a home near you

Facebook newest “video chat” product, the Facebook Portal, will bring a wide-angle camera, mic, and touchscreen into your home. Designed to make it easier to connect with people and stream music or videos, the Facebook Portal is a device intended to make video chatting more natural by tracking your movements around the room while you talk. Don’t panic about privacy yet—Facebook affirms that physically turning off the device cuts its network connection and prevents hacking attempts.

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  1. Instagram launches “nametags”

Instagram has officially launched “nametags” and customisable identification ‘cards’ to connect your Instagram account. By scanning the unique tags with your camera, users can easily follow each other after meeting. Have you tried it yet?

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  1. In-stream video ads on Twitter go worldwide.

A small but significant change for social media marketers: Twitter is once again expanding its ad options. As of October 1st, in-stream Twitter video ads can now be viewed by users around the world. Previously, publishers could only monetise videos in their own regional markets. This move isn’t too surprising, since according to the latest Twitter performance report, video ads remain their fastest-growing ad format.

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  1. Facebook Messenger Voice Assistant

Sending messages or setting up reminders with your voice could soon be a real thing on Facebook. A Messenger spokesperson recently confirmed to TechCrunch that they were internally testing a voice command feature. A new button would be placed atop message threads and activate a listening functionality for voice commands.

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