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The top 5 reasons why we feel you should be using social media for business are:

  1. Social proof

Consumers are more and more savvy about what products they purchase, whom and where from.  People will take the time to research online before making a purchase. By having a social media presence that is both engaging it helps reassure clients that your business is reputable and can be trusted.

  1. Your potential customers are using it

Think of social media as your shop window, being part of this shop is one of the best moves you can make for your small business. The old saying goes that, “numbers don’t lie” and with over 1.86 billion users on Facebook your missing out if your business is not in the shop.

  1. Google counts social sharing when ranking

When different people on social media refer to your content, your website, your blogs ,or your video it means that those individual people find your content useful, entertaining, informative or all of the above. When this happens the search engines pay attention and in return use this as a factor to provide better search engine placement for your content.

  1. Provides great brand exposure

If your brand can really embrace the nature of social media, through providing great engaging content and interacting with your audience in a manner that leads to building a great community that people want to be involved with, then your brand will get a great boost.

  1. Word of mouth 

What better way to interact with new potential clients than via people who have already experienced what your brand has to offer? When your social media presence starts to generate conversation and reactions such as likes and shares you get their approval. This social recommendation is visible to that person’s following and acts as a great gateway for their friends or family to get to know more about your brand.


These are only five reasons, there are many more we could write about. If you would like to discuss your business and how to improve your social media presence please get in touch with our friendly team on here or email us at