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Ey up….it’s Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire Day has been around for 41 years and simply put, it promotes God’s own county…Yorkshire, the northern English country of the white rose!

The first incidence of this celebratory day took place on August 1st, 1974, in Beverley. It was originally set up by the Yorkshire Ridings Society to protest against the Local Government re-organisation.

This day has since then grown into a well-established celebration and fantastic marketing opportunity for one of England’s most loved counties…Yorkshire!

In celebration, you can eat plenty of Yorkshire puddings and gravy, partake in a spot of the counties favourite sport, Cricket, or simply put your white rose on and wear it with pride.

To mark the occasion there are even civic events to mark this special day, including a Civic gathering of Lord Mayors, Mayors, and other Civic Heads from across the county, convened by the Yorkshire Society!


Here are 5 top ideas to help you create a tip-top Yorkshire Day marketing campaign:


1) Tell your Yorkshire story– You’re proud of your roots, so why not tell people how your business has got to where it is today? Better still, why not create a video with you speaking and give people a tour around your business, behind the scenes? (Did you know the Yorkshire accent was voted as the happiest British accent in a recent survey?!)


2) Create a product especially for Yorkshire Day– Clever Cooplands Bakery made delicious gingerbread men for the World Cup, the perfect way to get involved with a current event, whilst upping sales! Why not create cupcakes or biscuits with the Yorkshire Flag/White Rose emblem and add them onto every sale or place near the till area to entice customers to get involved!


3) Donate to a Yorkshire Charity– Charity goes a long way all year round and can have a fantastic impact on your business and reputation. Why not give a % of sales or a specific donation on a certain product/service to a Yorkshire charity close to your heart for the month of August to mark the occasion?


4) Run a Yorkshire team competition– Competitions work well internally and externally, as well as on and offline! Why not ask team members OR customers (or both!) to enter a competition to decide who can come up with the most Yorkshire phrases. Record them on videos and share on your social media profiles and ask your fans to comment with their favourites!


5) Highlight Yorkshire suppliers – Collaboration is key with small businesses so what better chance to collaborate with other businesses! Approach your Yorkshire suppliers or other Yorkshire businesses that you feel offer something that will complement your product/service to join forces for this occasion. Create social media content highlighting who they are and why you use their products they can also share your information on their profiles too, sharing’s caring after all!


These are just a few ideas on how you can highlight your business in the lead up to and during Yorkshire Day. If you need help to create a bespoke social media campaign please get in touch with us – call 01904 863511.