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It is clear that social media has changed the digital world dramatically, so much so that we now communicate with one another and brands in such a different way than we used to. Having the majority of existing and potential customers online in one environment means that brands can reach out to them more easily, or that’s what people may think…


Each platform now has more than tens of millions of active daily users, making it such a busy online environment, 24 hours a day. Brands need to know exactly where to find their existing and potential customers to ensure they can maximise the opportunities social media marketing brings. After all, if you are posting content to users that are simply not interested, it becomes a wasted exercise that is likely to be ignored!


This is where we come in…having a social media marketing expert can ensure that you are offering quality customer service online, to the right people, on the right platforms and at the right time. Every single social media platform has its own unique opportunity, and understanding this USP is vital to ensure a positive outcome is achieved. As social media marketing experts, our first step is to ensure we know exactly who you are, who your current customers are, and who your potential customers are. This then gives us the relevant information to understand where your social media marketing efforts should be spent. We can provide expert knowledge with regards to where your customers are hanging out online, how to approach and advertise to them in a fun and exciting way, and how to then increase your online brand awareness from this information.


Although it is free to set up a profile across all social media platforms, managing them on a 7 day a week basis takes up time, and we know how precious time is in today’s fast-paced world. Here at Pick & Mix Marketing, we can do all the monitoring for you, checking your platforms daily, 7 days a week (yes – on weekends too!). We also create and schedule content that is relevant to your brand, while ensuring it is exciting and engaging, because we all know the importance of content in today’s online environment and the significance of getting your brand story noticed.


One key factor of social media marketing is analysing your online activities, this can be done using numerous analytical tools and provides vital data for current and future strategies. As social media marketing experts, we can analyse this data on a weekly and monthly basis so that we can prove that your online activities are creating real results. Along with this, we will provide strategies for you, both short-term and long-term, so that all your social media marketing activities tie in together to achieve your overall goal.


Social media is a complex environment, if done right, there is so much potential to achieve amazing results, but if done wrong, it can damage your whole businesses reputation overnight. Would you know how to deal with negativity on your social media platform to ensure the repercussion is kept to a minimum?


Ensure that your social media marketing isn’t a wasted exercise or damaging to your business and get expert help by contacting the team on 01904 863511 or email