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From virtual reality talks to SEO lessons from Google, our day in Manchester at Smarter Business Tech Live in November included a variety of topics and learning curves, all of which have become very beneficial to our day to day tasks.


We all know the world of digital marketing can change daily, hourly and even from minute to minute. Ensuring that we are on top of the latest trends and updates is something we thrive to achieve at Pick & Mix Marketing, so we were extremely excited to be attending the Exhibition at Manchester Central Complex this November.


The day consisted of half hourly talks from a range of companies and people including Google, Hootsuite, The Juice Academy and even Pizza Hut! Choosing which talks to go to when was the difficult part and something we had to think about carefully but between us all, we managed to go to 18 talks so it definitely felt like a productive day – and we even managed to grab a sandwich in this time!


We attended Google’s workshop who stated that 94% of Brits are now online and 42 million people use social media! They provided us with a video from the Head of their Algorithm Structure who explained how their system works and the way it picks elements up from your website to then determine your Google ranking. They gave us tools to check if your site is running smoothly and quickly, and both of them are free:


  • – This is a free tool Google offers to ensure you can get found on the web, allowing you to track your sites search performance with Google Search Console
  • – This simply tests how quick your site is uploading, with the Google expert recommending this should be 3 seconds or less per webpage




Here’s a roundup of the other key messages we took from the day:


  • YouTube is now owned by Google and is the second biggest search engine in the world, showing just how vital it is to create videos and upload them to this platform to ensure your content can be discovered
  • Users now share 12 posts on average per week on social media highlighting that creating content users will want to share is important in your social media marketing
  • Facebook news feeds are like someone driving past a billboard at 60mph – ensure you get noticed with the visuals that you use
  • is a great tool to use when creating marketing strategies and to understand what key words people are searching online
  • Mobile search took over desktop search last year so ensuring your website is mobile optimised is key




We’re now counting down the days until next years Smarter Business Tech, see you there!