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A question that often comes up when we are talking to people about creating email campaigns using Mailchimp is, what size images should be used? So we have taken inspiration from a fellow Mailchimp expert and put together a list of the correct sizes to use.

Image sizes

When you’re saving images, you should take into account any padding or margin styles in the Campaign template. For example, in a template that’s 600 pixels wide that includes 20-pixel padding, a full-width image would only need to be 560 pixels wide. Most MailChimp templates are 600px wide.

You may be able to estimate the size of some of image blocks, but here’s a handy list of common sizes we use in MailChimp templates.

  • Pre-header area: 560px
  • Body area for 1 column templates (no sidebar): 560px
  • Social bar and utility bar: 560px
  • Header: 600px
  • Body area (with sidebar): 350px
  • Sidebar: 160px
  • 2 column: 260px
  • 3 column: 160px
  • 4 column: 110px
  • Footer left: 370px
  • Footer right: 170px

Many smartphones, tablets, and laptops feature high-definition screens, such as retina displays, that offer a higher ratio of pixels per inch. This means that images may appear fuzzy on these displays. To make sure your images appear clearly on all screens, you can save your web-ready images at double the size needed for the image block you’re using in your campaign. Using the Constrain Image Dimensions By 50% For High-Definition Displays feature under the Settings tab for an image block will automatically resize your images for high-definition screens. This feature is only available for single Image blocks and not for Image Group blocks, Image Card blocks, or when adding an image to a Text block.

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