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Mother’s Day is coming up —have you planned your promotions yet?

Here are 9 ways to engage with your customers and make the most of the Mother’s Day marketing opportunity!


  1. Send a promotion via email

If you sell directly — flowers, beauty or spa services/products, gifts etc, you should be sending out some email marketing communications reminding your audience that you can provide a solution for their Mother’s Day gifts. Whether you add an offer to the email or just create a friendly reminder, email marketing around special days is an opportunity not to be missed. Do try to send it out in good time to be ahead of your competitors and stand out.


  1. Promote fast or FREE delivery on your online store

Speaking of last-minute, that’s when a lot of people do their Mother’s Day shopping, so why not help them out? Offer free delivery or fast delivery for the cost of standard.


  1. Create a Mother’s Day board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic way to source content from your audience—it’s highly engaging, visually compelling, and easily shared with other passionate pinners. Consider asking your followers to submit photos of their mums, favourite recipes, or flowers etc.


  1. Run a competition on Facebook

Audiences on social media LOVE competitions, giveaways and sweepstakes. Mother’s Day lends itself to lots of opportunities. If you are going to run a competition on Facebook please make sure you follow the rules.


  1. Start a hashtag on Twitter

There will undoubtedly be something along the lines of #MotherDay2017 trending on Twitter on the big day. Make sure you utilise the momentum of the trending tag and find ways to associate it with your business. Also consider starting your own hashtag—whether it names your business directly, or just starts a conversation you can capitalise on. For example, if you wanted to start a conversation, you could start using something like #LastMinuteMothersDay alongside products or services you offer that make great gift ideas.

  1. Set up a gift guide on your website

For those people who are still shopping, make it easy for them by providing a gift guide on your website of the top 10 products or services you recommend for Mother’s Day. You can highlight it in your navigation bar, add it to your rotating image carousel header, and link to it from your social media profiles.


  1. Run a ‘bring your mum’ promotion in your store

Sometimes the best gift we can give our mums is to spend a little quality time with them. Encourage your customers to bring their mum with them to shop or enjoy services, by offering a discount for both. For example, a hair salon could run a promotion along the lines of “bring your mum in for a little pampering and you’ll both enjoy 20% off!” It’s a great way to give existing clients a reason to come in, while possibly winning future business from their mums.


  1. Create visual posts that followers can share

Create some Mother’s Day visual posts for your profiles that your followers might like to ‘borrow’ for their own use. Canva is a great resource for this.


  1. Feature employee families on Instagram

Take a personal approach to Mother’s Day marketing. Collect photos of your team members or colleagues with their mums, create visual thank you quotes from your employees to their mums, or have employees submit sayings their mums always use to put as captions on relevant images.


There are still lots of great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at your business, t just requires a little creativity! If you have a great idea or have seen something inspiring, share it in on our Facebook page.