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14 Must-Know Tips for Getting your Social Media fit in 2019


We’ve all eagerly set resolutions to spur us on as we enter the new year. The problem is, without understanding what’s possible, setting an actionable plan and gaining the necessary support, we’re likely to be disappointed. All that good intention soon fades if we don’t have the right guidance.


If you’re anything like us, your inbox will currently be flooded with new year tips advising us on exactly how to get fit. But have you considered the health of your business’ social media? January is the perfect time to stretch your social muscles and get a strategy going that will win you measurable results throughout 2019.


With these helpful tips, you’ll learn how to get your business social media fit. They’re easy to follow and will guarantee you get off to a good start. If it’s guidance and motivation you need, we’re here.


1. Decide what you want to achieve

First things first, grab a pen and write down what you want to achieve from your social media during 2019. Put it somewhere you can see every day to keep you on track.


2. Make action-oriented goals not open-ended ones

When it comes to sticking to resolutions, research has shown that ‘action-oriented’ resolutions have a better chance of being upheld than ‘idea-oriented’ ones. For example, a resolution to use social media for your business has no real actions. Instead, you could commit to make 3 posts, spend 15 minutes engaging with other people’s content and find 3 new people to connect with on LinkedIn every week.  Make your goals SMART!


3. Set goals that you know you can accomplish, even when you get busy

The most important thing to consider when starting a new social media strategy is what you can realistically achieve. We see a lot of people go all in with super high expectations for themselves and their business, only to fall short because life gets in the way. When planning your social media, only commit as much time as you know you can give. When you can’t keep up with your routine, you might quit altogether.


4. Plan, post, monitor, tweak, repeat!

Without a plan you’ll have no structure and nothing to monitor or benchmark against. You’ll struggle to keep motivated when you feel a dip in your activity or performance levels.  Commit to keep looking at your plan and reporting back on your progress. We promise that if you check you’re on track, you’ll see a difference for your business.


5. Choose specific social media sites, instead of all of them

Try not to overdo it. Most people set up too many social media profiles and then after a week of posting, realise that it’s too much to maintain. Choose one specific platform that you know your clients use and stick to it. That way, you’ll effectively reach them.


6. Find a process you love—you’ll be more likely to keep at it

When you find a process that works for you and your business, you’ll be more likely to commit to it. Is there a particular type of post that you love creating? You’ll be naturally more motivated to continue the process and be consistent.


7. Get involved with others

Going it alone won’t achieve your goals! Engage in relevant conversations with your social media followers to add value like you would do face to face. Ideally this will position you and the business as a specialist in your area of expertise. This will then increase your engagement and reach so your content is seen by more people.


8. Stop comparing yourself to competitors

As long as you are comparing your social media to others, you are looking outward for answers and taking the focus off your own strategy. Comparison can be a huge distraction – when you spend too much time looking at what competitors are doing, you end up wasting your own valuable time.


9. Don’t neglect the little things

If you start getting weary from your social media schedule, it can be easy to forgot the importance of spelling and grammar. However, an awkward typo could trigger negative comments and a decrease in engagement. Take the time to check your writing is accurate before you hit the publish button.


10. Keep your posts picture perfect

On a similar note, an image that’s the wrong size or pixelated can damage your credibility as a brand. Make sure all pictures, cover images and logos are optimised so that your profile consistently looks professional.


11. Focus on metric gains, rather than visual gains

Concentrate on improving performance, consistency, reach, engagement and return this year. Take the emphasis off quick-fix posts and visual results. Instead, think about what content will engage your clients and keep them coming back to your page again and again.


12. Always monitor

Keeping track of your social media progress is crucial to understanding how well you are performing. Create a simple excel table and track the key metrics that you identified in your strategy. Take a look at what worked well each month and what you can improve on next time.


13. Don’t give up if you’re not seeing results

There are always going to be peaks and troughs. Remember that social media is not a sprint and takes time to build up awareness and engagement. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re not seeing immediate results. As months down the line, they’ll come.


14. And above all, don’t get de-motivated!

Be patient. Celebrate small achievements, whether that’s winning new contacts on LinkedIn or having your tweet shared by an important influencer. That will keep you going on days when social is slower. Before long, you’ll see a measurable return on your posts and engagement.



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