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Social Media Updates

Social media is ever changing – from new designs and features to the added extras and everyday tools. With updates rolling out all the time, it’s vital to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of social media and be aware of what the changes might mean for your business.

If you want to make an impact, then you’ll need to know the latest feature changes to ensure your posts are working to reach your ideal customers online!

As social media experts we’re always scanning the horizon for what updates are to come and which are the ones to watch, so let us round up some of the updates we’ve seen recently that could help you stay one step ahead…




LinkedIn Launches New ‘Featured’ Section on Profiles to Highlight Key Achievements and Links

The social network is rolling out a new profile element which will enable users to showcase key achievements and updates in a separate ‘Featured’ section right at the top of their LinkedIn profile.

To add something to your Featured listing, you’ll be able to select a new ‘Featured’ star below updates in your activity feed, which will then add that content to your Featured section.

LinkedIn is in the process of rolling the feature out to all users – so if you don’t see it yet, it’ll be coming shortly, so get ready to update your LinkedIn profile.



LinkedIn have confirmed that stories are coming soon! Stories certainly seem to be where the next generation of social media users are heading so tapping into that, across all platforms, looks to make more and more sense.




Messenger for Business Gets a One-Time Notification API

What does this mean? Well it means that as a business you can now get back in touch with potential customers with relevant updates about your business or product via Messenger.

As a business you can send a message to a customer asking if they want to be notified on a specific topic/product. If the user asks to be notified, the business receives a token and can use this token to send out a notification with the information requested later.

A great tool for business that will allow cases such as price drop and back in stock alerts, as well as other notifications that people have requested notifications for.


New Colour Highlighting for Links and Hashtags in Post Text

Facebook are currently testing highlighting any links or hashtags in the Facebook blue rather than keeping them the same colour as they do at present.


Facebook to Instagram messages

Page Admins on Facebook can now respond to direct messages on Instagram from their Facebook inbox page – a great time saver for those managing pages on both!





Story time

Twitter has confirmed the launch of ‘Fleets’, it’s own variation of Stories. According to Twitter, the main use of Fleets is to provide users with a way to share that isn’t overly public – Fleets won’t be re-tweetable, will last for 24 hours and can’t be publicly liked, commented on or seen on timelines.

Not available in the UK yet, Fleets is still being tested on the Brazilian market but we’re sure it will make its way to us all soon.


New conversation threads

Twitter has recently added threaded replies to iOS devices to make it easier to see ongoing conversations! The new layout should make it easier to see who’s replying to who – so you can join in on relevant conversations!


New tweets, old threads!

Twitter now makes it easier to add new tweets to old threads. Available to some users via the IOS app.

While composing a new tweet, choose which older tweet you want to connect the new tweet to. Then click on the three dots menu in the older tweet and choose the “continue thread” option. The new tweet will now become part of the original thread.



Unfollow suggestions

Instagram will now show you who you interact with least frequently in case you want to unfollow them. To help you keep your feed clean and relevant, Instagram has launched “following categories” that divides the list of who you follow into batches, including “most seen in feed” and “least interacted with.


Reinstate an old account

Instagram has announced the launch of a new feature which will enable users to appeal disabled account decisions in-app, direct from the log-on screen. When you enter your username and password, you’ll see a prompt informing you that your account will be deleted, with 30 days to appeal the decision. You then have two options – ‘Download Data’ to get access to all your Instagram content, or ‘Request Review’.



Instagram is testing donate stickers for stories that would allow users to add a Donate button to their stories in the same way as adding a GIF, @mention, or hashtag. From there, their followers can click through to contribute to the cause. Keep an eye out for it!



We hope you’ve found these updates useful, if you have any questions relating to social media or perhaps you need a little help for your own business, please give the team a call on 01904 863511 or email info@pickandmixms.co.uk


Make sure to come back next month for the next batch of social media updates!

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