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The forever changing world of social media makes it difficult to keep up with the newest features and updates, so we’ve rounded up the biggest 4 to allow you to keep in the loop of the world of social media:





Instagram have brought in a new feature which allows users to add Polls to their Instagram stories, enabling anyone who views the story to interact and vote for a specific answer. As the account holder of the Instagram, you can see exactly which Instagram users have voted for which answer, and as a follower of the Instagram account, you can see the percentage of users that said one answer over another. This currently only allows you to offer 2 different answers, but is a great way to get your following base to interact with you!






Twitter is the platform that is ‘in the now’, encouraging users to broadcast their short posts (140 characters) immediately to tell their following base about their latest news and updates. However, the interactive platform of Twitter is now allowing certain users to tweet up to a character limit of 280, doubling the previous limit.

This is on a trial basis and only certain users can take advantage of this, but it may be rolled out to all users depending on how Twitter feels the trial goes… Watch this space!






Although ‘#hashtags’ are not a new feature to social media, to Pinterest they are. The platform has rolled out this new feature to allow Pinners to easily discover new content that they are interested in, but also allow Pinners to gain more reach on their own posts by ensuring each other can discover content that they have an interest in.

Pinterest users take note: It is recommended to not use any more than 20 hashtags and to be as descriptive as possible to ensure your hashtags are appropriate.





This update is not so much a specific social media platform, but if you are someone who uses social media for your business, you are likely to have heard of Hootsuite. This platform is essentially a dashboard that allows you to manage your social media accounts and schedule posts to go out days, weeks or months in advance.


But now, those that use Hootsuites free plan are limited to schedule a maximum of 30 posts at any one time. This is applied to all of the social media platforms you may have attached to your Hootsuite account, so for example, if you have 3 different platforms, you would technically only be able to schedule 10 on each.

If you already have more than 30 posts scheduled, these will not be deleted but you will not be allowed to schedule any more posts until your count comes down to below 30.

Have a look at the membership options here.




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