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It’s already mid-March and 2018 is flying by, so here we are again for our monthly round-up of the latest social media changes you need to know about!


  1. Facebook Power Editor has GONE!


If you’re someone who regularly places Facebook Adverts, you will have seen that they have now got rid of ‘Power Editor’, a place where many people will have created their ads. Instead, they have merged ‘Power Editor’ into ‘Ads Manager’ to create one seamless, easy place to create, monitor and report on your Facebook Ads. Hurrah, a change in social media we are very happy about! Want to know how to use Facebook Ads in the best way possible for your business? Book on to our ‘Beginners Facebook Advertising for Business’ workshop here.



  1. Twitter rolls out a ‘Bookmarks’ feature


For a very long time, if you wanted to save a tweet to look back at later, you would have to ‘favourite’ it so that it would appear in your favourites list. This caused issues for many Twitter users as there was no way of segmenting the tweets that you wanted to look back at later, with the tweets you just generally liked and the ones you wanted to favourite all being combined in one place.


It’s been a long time coming but Twitter has now finally announced their ‘bookmark’ feature where Twitter users can mark a tweet that they want to save for later viewing. It’s important to note that this feature also doesn’t notify the author or any of your Twitter followers that you’ve bookmarked it, a significant difference from having to ‘favourite’ someone’s tweet for the world to see.


For business owners, this feature is a great way to keep an eye on your competitors without them knowing about it! Sneaky! You can bookmark tweets as often as you want from whoever you want. If you manage to spot a change that your competitor has announced and want to use this for future reference, bookmark it! No one will know!




  1. Instagram adds GIF stickers to their stories!


It would be difficult to count on one hand the number of new features and changes that have happened on Instagram in the past month, but one fun update is being able to use GIF stickers on your Instagram stories!


GIFs are an eye-catching feature to add to a static image and will encourage users to watch your story. How to use them? Once you’ve got your photo ready on your Instagram Story, press the sticker icon on the top right (that looks like a smiley face!) and select the GIF icon, search for exciting GIFs and once you’ve selected, you can move, rotate and resize.

If you’re using a video, you can pin your GIF sticker to a certain part of the video by tapping it and holding it onto the place you want it to be. This will then pin the sticker to a fixed space on your video.



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