Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates

We all know how quick the world of social media changes, it’s hard to keep up even when working on the platforms daily (believe us!). Below is a summary that we have created with the latest updates from the main channels (as of August 2017), hopefully allowing you to be kept in the loop of this fast-paced online environment!




‘LIVE’ Playback

Many Instagram users will have viewed a ‘live’ video at some point while using the app, this shows users in real-time wherever they are once they hit the live button. Instagram has added a feature that allows the user to add their ‘live’ video to their story so that it is stored on the app and can be seen for up to 24 hours after their live video ended, rather than it simply being deleted.


Multi-way ‘LIVE’

However, the latest feature to the ‘live’ videos not only allows you to save your video onto your story, but it lets you go live with another Instagram user at the same time. Implemented as a way to stop people feeling intimidated when they go live alone, this new feature works by splitting the Instagram screen into two equally-sized blocks to see both users adjacent to each other. The Instagram users can add or change users at any point during the live video by ending the conversation with one person and inviting someone new.



Messenger ads are going global

For some, this feature will not be new as it has already been rolled out in Australia and Thailand. However, messenger ads are now going global, meaning businesses around the world will now be able to send automated direct messages out to Facebook users that will appear in their messenger. How will users know it’s an ad? It will say ‘sponsored’ at the top.


News feed algorithm reduces spam

Facebook implemented a new algorithm last month that uses a method of detecting spam content by the total number of posts, not by individual post content. According to Tech Times, this may target users who post more than 50 times a day so ensure you avoid being detected as spam!


Ad and Page Insights

Facebook have announced that they will be implementing new metrics into their insights for both Facebook Ads and Pages, both of which will allow users to have a better understanding of user interactions. These metrics include:

Landing page views – representing the number of visitors who reached a website after clicking on a Facebook advert

Pre-impression activity breakdown – highlighting whether visitors have been to your website previously

– Follows – representing the number of follows a page gains or loses; insights into where this happened, follower demographics and a breakdown of organic and paid follows.

– Previews – representing the number of people who previewed a page’s information without clicking on the page

Recommendations – representing the number of times your page is included in a Facebook recommendation





Updated Layout

If you haven’t already noticed, Twitter have changed the layout of their app and website which sees the ‘Profile’ tab moved to the left of the mobile viewing and a ‘Messages’ section shown permanently on the bottom row. This now makes it much easier to access your inbox from any Twitter screen that you are on.




5 new updates available now or coming soon

  1. Disable comments

LinkedIn users will now be able to turn off comments on their posts which helps to reduce spam and harassment within the network.

  1. Multiple Photos

LinkedIn are letting users add multiple photos to a post, something that was previously restricted to just one image. It has been a long time coming, but allowing users to show off their business with multiple imagery will help.

  1. Share Drafts

Users are now able to share content with other users, encouraging them to edit where necessary, before publishing the final copy. This is a great feature for those accounts that have multiple people working on them, allowing people to share and edit their work privately between one another.

  1. Video Content

Something that may not come as a surprise is the video content feature LinkedIn are embedding. This allows users to record videos straight from the LinkedIn app and post it straight out, proving that LinkedIn are really listening to the trends of the social networking world today.

  1. Off Networking Sharing

If someone has shared some LinkedIn content on another social networking site, when clicking to view the content, LinkedIn have always made it a necessity to log in to view and read it. This has now been removed, allowing users to view content whether they are logged in or not, most probably with the attempt to create more website traffic for LinkedIn.


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