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Social Media Predictions for 2020


2019 brought many changes to social media. Some were good, some were not so good. What no one can deny however is how exponentially social is growing. It’s absolutely essential that you plan social media into your 2020 marketing strategy because it’s almost certain that your customers will be using it. Here’s what we predict for the new year…


Nano influencers

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As you may have heard from Sally in her recent vlog on LinkedIn and YouTube, Instagram influencers are set to continue being a cornerstone of marketing on the platform. The change though comes in their size. While 2019 brought a wave of extremely popular celebrities with millions of followers to their name, 2020 will scale down. Influencers are set to become micro-sized with uber-engaged followers hungry for niche content.

Action for you: Search for small-scale local celebrities with a strong interest in your industry and ask them to cover your product on social media


Introduction of TikTok


Social Media Trends 2020 


There’s about to be a big new player on the block and it’s called Tik Tok. This Chinese-launched platform allows users to record themselves lip-syncing to popular songs and showcase their talents. Something quite different from the platforms we’re used before- watch out for this one in 2020!


Action for you: Look out for TikTok’s emergence in 2020 and consider whether your business might be able to get ahead of the game by launching an account


Social Media prediction 2020 


Many brands are already using online and social media messaging as a key customer service strategy. What could be easier for your clients than to message the page they follow directly when they have a question about a post? In 2020, Facebook predicts that over ¾ quarters of people who use a smartphone will use messaging. That could be ¾ (or more) of your customer base!


Action for you: make sure your Facebook messaging is properly set up in time for 2020. You need a suitable away message and automatic reply, and you need to respond to enquiries there just as promptly as phone or email.


Keep a lookout for these social media predictions in 2020! Would you like us to walk you through these changes as they happen? Why not book a one-to-one or group training session with us in the new year? We’ve also got workshops coming up on all the major platforms.


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