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A Social Media Management Tool to make your life a little bit easier!

Let’s look at why social media management tools are so important, introduce Hootsuite and then look at the features and benefits of using the software.

Why use a social media management tool?

Social Media is 24/7 and requires time and effort. The main things to look for when deciding on a tool is if it makes you more productive and efficient and allows time to make your social media campaigns more successful it is worth considering.

Benefits to using a social media management tool:

  • Time: Save time
  • Multiple accounts: You can manage multiple social media accounts across all major platforms.
  • Monitoring: Monitor keywords, other accounts & hashtags.
  • Scheduling: Schedule posts for when you can’t go online.
  • Analytics: Get detailed analytics reports on your social media activity performance.


One of the most well know social media management tools on the market is Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides several excellent features including the dashboard where you can pull in all your feeds from multiple social media sites.

Another great tool is the listening tool which allows you to add #keywords that you want to track. Each time the key word is mentioned it will appear in the stream. This is very useful as it will enable you to find conversations quickly and join in on and engage with other users.

The scheduling tool will enable you to copy content into the box, add images, links to website and then dictate when and what time the content will be distributed.

Once you have scheduled your content you can check, amend or delete at any time by electing the pencil to edit or the three dots to delete.


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