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At just 12 years old, Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms focussing on image-based content – sitting at over 2 billion active monthly users!

Brand engagement on Instagram is significantly higher than Facebook and even more than Twitter.

Think to yourself, how many new brands have you discovered through Instagram?

How many times have you seen a clothing post on Instagram and wanted to buy them before you even realised it’s an ad?

That is the power of Instagram.


Who is doing Instagram right?


Image credit: Instagram

With over 2.9 million followers, Etsy, – the brand selling handmade and vintage items – stays perfectly on brand with their Instagram account which showcases the work of creative, independent designers.

The brand focus their content on creating a sense of authenticity and warmth within users with their calming colour palette.



Image credit: Instagram

This small business that creates intricate tile mats and other curiosities manages to keep its audience engaged through the effective use of aesthetic and down to Earth content.

The husband and wife duo behind the business and profile have managed to rack up an impressive 356k followers and have a high engagement rate thanks to clear calls to action.



Image credit: Instagram

Keeping in theme with this cheeky play on words, Prick, a cactus shop, focuses less on posting images to its feed, and more on using Instagram stories to provide behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

From livestreams on repotting plants to advertising special sale events through daily stories: the page has amassed 40k followers, all whilst spreading the message #LoveThyPlant.


How can you be just like them?

Instagram is competitive, but not impossible.

Ensure you have a robust Instagram strategy under your belt as you set up your business account, below are some tips to get you going:

  • Define your goals,
  • Know your audience,
  • Perfect your profile,
  • Establish your brand aesthetic,
  • Take your photos/ create visually compelling content,
  • Write engaging captions,
  • Use hashtags,
  • Use Instagram stories,
  • Engage with your followers & future followers.


Learn from the best brands out there and think about what may be relevant to your audience’s needs and wants – you’ll soon start to see the benefits!

Looking to unleash your company’s social media potential, but not sure where to start?

Our unique, bespoke social media training sessions will help you get to grips with socials and help you reach your online community. 

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