Rapid Name; Pearly King and Mish Mash

Develop social media presence to increase awareness and drive traffic to the website!



Rapid Name is the overarching company of two men’s clothing brands; Pearly King Jeans and Mish Mash Jeans. The company approached us for assistance with social media recommendation, management and advertising. Their main objective of the campaign was to utilise both Facebook and Instagram for both brands to increase social audience numbers and drive traffic to the website.


To achieve the objectives set we implemented a high awareness campaign through the use of social media advertising. We initially focused on using Facebook and Instagram advertising to gain page likes and once an established number was gained we altered the focus to website clicks advertising to drive traffic to the site.

In addition to the advertising we took control of the management of daily posting, engagement and responding to customer queries to ensure the pages are continuously visible to their current customers and potential customers online.


  • Reached more than 6 million customers through social media over 6 months
  • Tripled website traffic in 2 months
  • Increased engagement on Facebook and Instagram – likes, shares and comments.