Social Media Training Testimonials

Danial Ahmed – Green Tech

I learnt a lot from my training sessions with Pick & Mix and in a short period of time it has already helped me develop in my role and consider different aspects of my job. Pick & Mix are a very welcoming team that will adjust their training sessions with you depending on your current knowledge level and will be very accommodating. I strongly recommend you use them if you are considering doing any form of digital marketing training.

Emma Foster – Elf Marketing

Pick & Mix Marketing provided a thorough overview of Linked In and how we could improve our profiles. As well as being very knowledgeable about the subject, Sian was friendly and welcoming. The training was provided in a relaxed environment which allowed us to be very interactive. Thank you for providing a very informative LinkedIn Training workshop. We have all learnt a great deal from this session and are looking forward to implementing our learnings.

Sally Ferguson – BlueRidge

Pick and Mix provide a very professional service in a very user-friendly way. Thank you, Sian at Pick, and Mix for a brilliant training session. This will, without doubt, help us to better understand how we can use LinkedIn more effectively to increase our network and promote our brand.

Carla Mitchell – Deighton Lodge

The one to one session was brilliant, really helpful and specific to the vision I have for the next step in our business’s direction. Jessica was absolutely fantastic with her knowledge of the business prior to our meet up but also coaching me in areas I had no knowledge of. I have always had a bit of a fear of LinkedIn and she has helped me to be completely confident in using this platform. I also feel my pages now have much more relevance and therefore should help move our business in the right direction.

Sally Duffin – Nutrition in York

Go see Pick and Mix for help with your marketing! They are friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you for the excellent Linked In training session. Being in a small group meant there was plenty of opportunities for us all to ask questions and receive individualised advice. I now have plenty to think about in terms of my Linked In marketing strategy, and also how I use other social media platforms to promote my business.

Amanda Taylor – Eko Create

Well worth the time and investment – taking the time out to stop and think about how you market yourself and your company is so important. The team at Pick & Mix are so good to work with and they really care about making a difference to your business. I finally got around to going on a course hosted by Pick & Mix Marketing, why didn’t I do this sooner! Jessica Valenghi did a superb job delivering the #linkedin course. Some really useful tips and how to make LinkedIn work for you and your company.

Diane Taylor – Diane Taylor Skincare

I loved being able to pinpoint my concerns on a one to one basis – you’ve got it just right in my opinion. I feel it will impact my business massively as the knowledge I have gained has given me inspiration to move it forward. A one to one with Jess will inspire you to move forward with confidence and ease

Joyce Griffiths, Bedroam

Very helpful company offering a wide range of experience and knowledge in marketing and use of social media platforms. We will definitely be using Pick and Mix Marketing again!!

Matt Harper-Hardcastle, Converge

Our company has a very minimal use of SM in comparison to other companies, so I thought I was relatively confident in my use of it and didn’t know how much I would be able to take away from this training. However, I came away brimming with new ideas, new insights, and a clearer understanding of the tools on offer through social media. It has definitely shifted the way I will look at this as an engagement platform.

Mike Smith, New Moon Studios

Pick & Mix helped us to see how Facebook could be leveraged to increase engagement with potential customers and build up a pool of contacts that have a genuine interest in our products. The information was concise and digestible, with practical examples on-screen for us.

Jane Gregory – Stuarts of Driffield

“The training was excellent – wasn’t bored once!!! Lots of very useful information!
We are nearly at 1000 like at Vanessa Deli due to my increased knowledge and Stuarts need more work but is starting to be more successful (just needed more of my time) Yes I would be interested in further workshops”.

Ian Ryan – Northwood  Estate Agents

I thought the training was excellent and would definitely attend another Pick & Mix workshop in the future. Since your workshop, I have set up a Northwood Facebook business page which is working well and we have had a number of positive reviews already posted to our webpage. I really enjoyed both the Twitter and Facebook masterclass workshops and thought your content and presentation were excellent.

Alan Best – EntsWeb Ltd

I found your Facebook and Twitter training sessions to be extremely helpful and informative. I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter for a number of years but never really grasped the immense potential these social media platforms offered – until now. You took me into areas of Twitter and Facebook that I had not seen before and shed light on a lot of nuts and bolts features and functions.  This was underpinned with extremely useful tips and information on usage and protocols aimed at getting the most from these media.   My main Twitter business account was getting an average of just under 1 new follower per day but the last four weeks have seen that average rise to a 8.9 new followers per day. While on Facebook my posts seem to be getting at least four times the reach they had before. I would definitely recommend Pick & Mix to anyone needing to harness the full power of social media.

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