Red – Internal Communications Agency

Develop a sustainable and effective Social Media Strategy to support the business growth.


Andy contacted us after receiving a referral for our services. He was looking for expert advice to understand how social media could help increase awareness for the business and position them as the go to experts.


We worked closely with Andy and the management team to identify their key customer groups, competitors and current market presence. We then developed a sustainable Strategy with clear goals and objectives which was manageable for the team to implement.


  • A clear understanding of who their ideal client groups are, where they are (on and offline) and what messages they respond to
  • An ongoing Social Media Strategy that has provided the business with structure to progress the social media activity with confidence and clear goals
  • Social Media content being consistently created across the accounts.
  • Content carrying relevant tone of voice per platform
  • 100% increase in Instagram followers
  • 50% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • 10% increase in Twitter followers


“I thoroughly ‘enjoyed’ working with Pick & Mix. Sally is very friendly and really knows her stuff. She quickly understood our business and what we wanted to achieve. She helped us put together a social media strategy that exceeded our expectations. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future” Andy Douse, Managing Director, Red – Internal Communications Agency

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