JS Commercial Photography

Social Media Management, LinkedIn Prospecting

Increase client base and brand awareness with social media content and by actively contacting prospects.



Steve got in touch because he needed help writing and posting high-quality content on his social media channels. Since the commercial side of his business was fairly new, he was looking to increase awareness of his team’s portfolio and attract new prospects.



We interviewed Steve to get a good understanding of his current clients including what their motivations, priorities and concerns were. This was important for writing social media posts that they would identify with and therefore engage with. Since we’ve been managing JS’ channels, we’ve been contacting the team regularly to find out about recent projects and contributed creative ideas for how they could share their work online. We’ve kept refining their social media strategy in line with their business strategy and made adjustments, such a prioritising LinkedIn over Facebook and Instagram. Now, we help Steve make at least 20 new connections on his personal LinkedIn profile every week and book prospects in for calls with his business development team.



  • Consistent and well-produced social media content that is steadily building brand awareness
  • Increase in traffic through to their photography portfolio on their website
  • Updated personal LinkedIn profile with new summary description
  • Significant growth in network with over 150 relevant new connections since we started prospecting
  • Increase in brand awareness with enlarged network seeing multiple relevant LinkedIn posts every week
  • Leads who might otherwise not have been found gained through Sales Navigator
  • Targeted LinkedIn advertising reaching ideal customers in chosen industries
  • Ongoing support with LinkedIn strategy and creative content suggestions

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