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Are you looking to keep on top of social media and the ever-changing landscape of digital? Here are our top 5 social media blogs/websites that we think you should follow!


1) Social Media Examiner – “Your guide to the social media jungle” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Specifically, for social media, this site is updated daily with articles created by experts from all over the globe is the perfect place to visit to gain opinions from experts and insights and instructions for new features. Not only do they create bogs but also interviews, infographics, videos and slide-shares, check out the website here


2) Hubspot – Choose either Marketing or Sales to subscribe for your daily dose of updates. Your daily dose may drop in your inbox as a blog post, video or it could be an e-book. Either way you will not be left short of information as this power house of content knows how to write – check out their site here


3) Social Media Today – Not only does this site provide social media news but also features tech and marketing information. Join their social media feeds and you will be presented with relevant updates on a daily basis, check it out here


4) Pick & Mix Marketing – No plug intended……but our very own blog really is up there on our list! Updated weekly by Sally, Becca and Jess our blog brings you condensed, informative versions of news, updates and new features to help make sense of the world of social media! A weekly post should be plenty to keep your bedtime reading level sustained


5) Buffer Social – Whether its a recent statistic, a new update or just some helpful tips on what works and what doesn’t, the Buffer Social blog is a great go-to for some much needed advice. Check out the site here


We hope these sites help keep you feeling up to date and on top of the social changes that are going on, we’d love your feedback on our blog and if you would like any specific areas covering just let us know! If you need support with your marketing or social media marketing for your business please get in touch by calling 01904 863511 or email us on