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And just like that….it was Christmas!

As we approach the end of 2021 the team have taken a moment to reflect on the past year.

We’ve worked on some great campaigns in 2021, from product and business launches, supporting charities with fundraising campaigns, creating marketing and social media strategies and training all sorts of businesses on how to use social media themselves.


So, what have been our favourite moments of 2021? Let’s hear from the team…


Jess says:

“Celebrating 10 years in business has to be at the top of the pile for me. Having been at Pick & Mix myself for almost 7 of those years, it was a proud moment for me to be a part of. I have also loved welcoming new team members into the Pick & Mix family and am looking forward to bringing more on board as we move into 2022. Lastly, I can’t forget about our lovely clients who make it all worthwhile, seeing campaigns smash our targets and helping businesses with launches and strategies always makes my job so rewarding.”

Rachel says:

“My first year at Pick & Mix has been a whirlwind, I’ve learnt new skills, met new people, built relationships, and done a whole lot of social media content! I have really enjoyed working with new and existing clients to strengthen relationships and get their social media looking tip-top.”

Fiona says:

“For me, it was our NC Group get together. It was wonderful to get the whole gang together in York to discuss our ongoing strategy for the business and the wider group and finally see everyone face to face after a long time apart. One of the great things about working in a small team but having a wider support network is the variety of projects we work on as a collaborative, meaning I get to try my hand at lots of new and exciting projects. I’m looking forward to the next year and beyond and seeing where we go from here….watch this space!”

Paul says:

“This year I’ve really enjoyed expanding our services into the North East, the companies within the NC Group are all working really well together and there’s only one way from here…and that’s up!”


As we wrap up our work for the Christmas break we want to say a great big THANK YOU to all our loyal customers, valued associates, suppliers, friends, and family…

and of course…


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