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February is the month of love, but do you love your marketing?  If you don’t why would anyone else?

Marketing is personal to your brand, just like your traits are personal to you and the main purpose of marketing is attracting new customers and retaining current ones (something that many brands forget about).

To ensure you and your customers love your marketing we need to to go back to the marketing mix, known as the 4P’s and 7P’s;

  1. Price – is your product or service good value for money?
  2. Product – does your product or service do what your customers need or expect it to?
  3. Place – is it available where your customers need or want it to be?
  4. Promotion – how do customers find out about your product or service? How are you communicating with them?  Are you using the best and most appropriate channels?  Is your branding right for your brand?  Does it need a re-fresh so that it is targeting the correct target market?
  5. Physical Evidence – does what you give to your customers represent your brand to the best of its ability, in terms of printed material, office décor, seating etc?
  6. People – do you staff give off the right messages to your customers?
  7. Process – do you offer good customer service so that your customers return, trust you and recommend you?

If you tick all the boxes of the 7P’s then you’re on the right track in finding true love with your marketing, if not, then these are the areas that you need to review and research and ultimately change.


‘I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have…..I always will’ – if you need support with your marketing so that you love your marketing, get in touch with the team on 01904 863511 and we will help you love your marketing again.