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York is abundant with thriving, independent businesses, which we believe act as the cornerstone of the community and help to preserve York’s charm and uniqueness. Don’t get us wrong, we can all appreciate the ease of a chain of retailer or eatery, you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost. However, when that little voice in your ear says “Let’s just get a Starbucks!” or “There’s always a deal on at Pizza Express”, just remember, by choosing an independent rather than a chain you are giving back to the community rather than a corporate giant, who perhaps doesn’t appreciate your custom as much as an independent. On top of the appreciation you will receive, you’ll also more often than not, be getting LOCAL produce, from LOCAL suppliers, made by LOCALS which all in all help to keep York’s workforce in business.


As an independent business ourselves we take pride in helping other independents to succeed in a market where it is becoming increasingly competitive, no matter what trade you are in. We are proud to live and work in a city that takes care of its independents and takes that time and effort to promote them in any way they can. The introduction of Indie York has been a great step in the right direction for the city and the message we wish to share far and wide, York’s independents are here, and they are here to stay!

The idea of Indie York is to provide both locals and tourists alike with a great starting point to help them discover, and share, the huge range of extraordinary businesses that we have in York, from specialist shops and brilliant cafés, to intriguing galleries and top restaurants. It’s important to remember that the little man may not always make the most noise, but they are the ones that are truly dependent on being heard the loudest.

If you are an independent business in York and need a little help to get your marketing or social media up and running in the right direction please get in touch with the team, we’d love to help! Contact us here!