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Paid Facebook ads are a great way to build momentum on your page, reach people who aren’t already following your business and drive social media users through to your website.


As we recently discussed in our blog about the difference between ads and posts, there are many advantages to adding a little budget to your Facebook strategy.



But how much money do you need?


We know that many businesses that are just starting up might be a little strapped for cash when it comes to marketing. Others may be trying Facebook ads for the first time and therefore nervous about gambling budget on a new platform.


The good news is a little goes a long way.


Providing you’ve got an active page and are regularly posting, even £20 could make a difference to your Facebook results, so long as you’ve got your targeting right!


If your budget’s small, a simple post-engagement ad in which you ask Facebook to show an existing post to specific people can work well. Perhaps you want to engage a few pet owners in the postcodes surrounding your vet surgery? Perfect! Use a post that’s already performing well on your page in an ad targeting location. An excellent engagement ad could cost as little as 0.001p per result!


For a successful brand awareness ad, we’d recommend at least £30 over the course of a month or so. Brand awareness is all about building a customer base who remember and recognise you, so it’s an investment that is aimed at more than instant sales. If your ad’s running well, you’re likely to reach around 500 people per pound.


If it’s website visits that you’re looking to achieve, you’re probably looking at a minimum of £50 per month. While a smaller budget may still lead to a successful ad, results for this objective are more expensive. A well-optimised ad can cost around 10-15p per website visit. To make it worth your while, it may be worth investing more in this type of ad than in others.


Find out about how we can help you with Facebook ads through one-to-one training sessions.


Case study


We recently ran a launch campaign for a food and drink company on Facebook. They’d already put some work into developing their page and were inviting their friends to follow it. We also started posting and sharing content into Facebook groups to help build momentum. Once this preparation work was in full flow, we were in a good place to secure excellent ad results.


On the first day of the paid launch campaign, we dedicated £30 to a post engagement ad. It reached 17,410 people and was engaged with 8,936 times!


When you consider that even a small advert in a newspaper or magazine can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, this is a fantastic result.


Moreover, it wasn’t just random readers of a publication who were seeing the ad. We specifically targeted the company’s niche audience of customers selecting their interests as the criteria for Facebook showing them the ad.


With correct targeting, an ad can grow and grow. The messaging we’d refined landed perfectly with the Facebook users who were seeing the ad. They loved it so much that they shared it and invited their friends to like the page too.


This high level of engagement and conversion continued throughout the campaign. We ran a range of post engagement, video views, brand awareness, and website traffic ads. All yielded excellent outcomes, with the cost per result as low as £0.003!


Over the course of a month, we reached 100,000 people, our ads were seen almost 180,000 times and over 800 customers came through to their website. All with an ad budget of just £300, plus our management fee to lend our expertise.


Can we help you with Facebook ads? Whether you’d like training on how to get started, support with optimising the ads you’re already running, or full management of your Facebook marketing, reach out!


You can email the team at info@pickandmixms.co.uk.


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