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Social media has instant attraction. Customers engage with content about your product. Likes and retweets fly in. You and your colleagues feel a thrill of affection.


It’s easy to become enamoured with your Facebook stream when you first begin posting and your Instagram profile soon becomes a topic of office gossip.


But what happens after the honeymoon period? How do you fall and stay in love with your social media as a business?


At Pick & Mix, we meet passionate business owners and help them form a healthy relationship with social media as a marketing tool. Here’s our content guide for how to give and take, stay genuine and keep the romance when it comes to your online profiles.


Find balance

Call time

With the novelty of something new, it’s easy to fall head over heels and let it become all-consuming. However, anyone with their own personal Facebook account will already know how much time can be wasted from mindless scrolling. Set limits on how much time you spend manning your business’ social media accounts. If you have a plan in place, stick to the hours you’ve allocated so social doesn’t overtake your other priorities and leave you bitter.


Give and take

Don’t just think about yourself when it comes to social media. Reach out to others and follow influencers that you can learn from. There’s a wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn and in local Facebook groups that you can use in running your own business. You just need to find that connection.


Schedule dates

Arrange dates for most of your posts to go out. This will help you deliver content consistently and keep your followers interested. You could try by writing posts ahead of time in a spreadsheet or even use special scheduling software that publishes for you.


Be yourself

Try not to be boastful

No one finds a show-off attractive. If you keep your posts natural, your followers will find it much easier to relate to your brand and believe what you have to say. Avoid false claims just for the sake of scoring likes, consumers today are savvy and will see right through pretence.


Let your followers get to know you

Taking shots of you and your team at work or posting updates of how you’re feeling are great ways to come across as genuine. The more of your story and working process you can share the better. This is especially true if you’re an independent business that takes pride in doing things by hand or with special attention to detail.


Find your tone of voice

Write your posts in a style that comes naturally. If you’re struggling, try recording yourself speaking as you do to your customers and right down the kinds of words you use. When you reply to comments, keep this style consistent. Your social media profiles are key places for customers to get a feel for your brand personality.


Do what you love

Let your enthusiasm shine through

Don’t be afraid to share your achievements or excitement about new projects through social media. You could post a LinkedIn vlog describing what’s going well for you or create an Instagram story showing your success. If you’re impressed by what other businesses are doing, let them know by commenting or connecting. Your network of support will soon grow.


Focus on the why

What is it that made you start your business? Or what is it that you love about interacting with your customers? If you can put this across through your posts, you’ll win the affection of your followers. You could even start a conversation with your customers asking them why they come to you.


Introduce your team

In any good relationship, your partner needs to get along with your friends and family. The same is true in a client relationship. Introduce members of your team in tweets or Facebook posts to market your business as personable. If followers recognise someone they’ve seen in store, you’ll be guaranteed engagement.


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