Team News

My Day: Becca Cammidge

  • Role: Marketing Account Executive
  • Likes: Fashion, dogs and chocolate!
  • Dislikes: Morning traffic and negative people
  • Favourite thing about the job: The fact that no 2 days are the same!


Diary entries:


7.30 As soon as the alarm goes off, I am up! I find it much easier to get up as soon as it goes off rather than snoozing it.


8:00 It’s time to get changed into my outfit for the day (which has to be decided the night before otherwise I could be there for hours) and make something quick but yummy for breakfast.


8:45 I arrive at my desk, check my emails, and prioritise my tasks, I love lists so I usually ensure I have one in front of me so I can tick off when tasks have been complete!


9.30 After we’ve all caught up on our emails, our weekly team meeting begins. This is a great time for us to catch up on what everyone’s getting up to for the week ahead, help each other out with any exciting client work as well as share success stories from the week before (my favourite bit!)


10.30 It’s time for some creative content writing for one of our clients social media platforms, it’s great to have so many different clients at Pick & Mix as no two accounts are the same. Changing the tone of voice in the content to suit them is what makes it so interesting. I also love looking at statistics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Analytics to understand the best day and time to schedule posts, what posts have worked better than others and therefore changing the content to fit these findings.


13:00 My stomach is definitely rumbling by this point, it’s usually a stir fry in the fridge or a walk to the local shop for a hot panini. It’s also good that we are located so close to the river, the perfect place for a sunny lunchtime!


14:00 I have a number of email campaign briefs to create and blog posts to do, this is a really fun part of the job that means I can get creative with the visuals and content involved. For this particular client, I love talking up their new season products across a number of different platforms and channels to ensure the message is strong, as well as tailor the message per channel to relate to that particular target audience.


15:30 This afternoon, it’s time to work on the 6-month marketing plan for one of our clients. Planning ahead is always so important, and ensuring you have a path to lead down means all the marketing activities can tie in together to achieve the clients overall aims. It’s always great to make the marketing plan as detailed as possible, from dates the activities will occur to the costings of each campaign and the target market they are aiming at.


17:00 Is it that time already? Time to pack up my things and head home for the evening.


18:30 Tonight will usually consist of a gym class (body attack or body pump are my favourites) to help me feel energized but ready to wind down for the evening afterwards. Otherwise, it will be a walk with the dog to get a bit of fresh air.


21:00 I grab my phone and have a check of our clients social media pages to ensure everything is okay before I turn my phone off and put my feet up to watch some TV.


If you would like to get in touch with Becca to discuss how she can help you with your marketing please email or call the office on 01904 863511.