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Whether it’s to get cheerful on the international day of happiness or to embrace your inner laziness on national relaxation day, you can be sure that the internet and its users are almost always celebrating some sort of holiday.

Businesses can utilise National Days as opportunities to use trending topics to increase interaction from followers, share content to a wider audience, promote or support a cause, raise awareness or simply to celebrate a special day. Obviously, not every holiday will be relevant to your brand or business, but with days revolving around health and wellbeing, food, and of course classic holidays such as Christmas and Easter, using the relevant hashtag for that day is a surefire way to gain an increase in visibility and boost your social media traffic. With a little imagination, brands can also create polls and competitions to get their followers to engage with posts through likes, retweets and mentions.


We regularly research and update our own events calendar to cherry-pick national days, weeks and months, as well as local events in Yorkshire, all of which can be effective in increasing and maintaining both our and our client’s social media presence. We’d recommend including this research and these key dates in your Social Media Strategy to make sure you don’t miss out on key opportunities.


Some of our favourite National Days to celebrate include:


21st June – National Selfie Day


30th June – Social Media Day


25th July – National Wine & Cheese Day


1st August – Yorkshire Day



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Blog written by Abbey Gibson