How To Effectively Engage With Your Followers

As a business with a solid online presence and a blossoming community, it is your daily duty to keep your clients engaged and in touch with your brand. After all, a silent business that sticks to the shadows is guaranteed to lose current customers and miss out on key opportunities to get your pages in…

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Setting Successful Social Media Goals

Scrolling through social media, liking posts and sharing status updates is easy, but are they supporting your short and long-term business goals? Whilst staying consistent and checking your accounts daily is important, it’s also crucial that you tweet, type and tag with a set goal in mind that will grow your platform and keep your…

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How to create images in Canva

Have you ever heard of Canva? Used by millions of people around the world, Canva is a delight in the world of marketing for those that are not experienced in using design programmes such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It is an online programme that allows you to design professional layouts and stunning graphics that you…

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Social Media Updates: Twitter Business Christmas Hub

Ahead of the festive season this year Twitter launched a mini-site for small brands. Have you visited Twitter’s newest mini-site? The site features tips and advice on how to grow your business on Twitter. If you’re just beginning to plan your Autumn/ Winter marketing strategy, it’s well worth a look. You’ll find a range of case…

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IGTV news: October 2021

The Evolution of IGTV   IGTV is evolving to Instagram video!   We all know that video content is king when it come to social. Across platforms, video posts receive much higher engagement levels and reach a larger audience.   On the 6th of October, Instagram announced it will remove the IGTV area of profiles,…

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How to use Instagram effectively to grow your business online

Instagram is one of those platforms that feels shrouded in mystery for a new business setting out on their online journey. Whilst scrolling through limitless pretty pictures, videos and self-promotion, it’s easy to stop and wonder, how on earth have so many businesses done so well, simply from sharing their story online?

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Advertise your small business values

Customers expect a moral and ethical identity from corporations in 2021. Small businesses, just like big businesses, are now more than ever expected to assert their small business values with confidence. In this blog we talk more about this and how small businesses can share their values to build brand loyalty.  

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Engaging social media content checklist

As people are turning to social media to identify brand authenticity now more than ever, it’s important that businesses understand that types of content can help with this, as well as how to make content interesting and engaging to keep people coming back.  

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Are you using Instagram Highlights?

If you aren’t already using them, Instagram Highlights are a fantastic way to extend the life of your stories. This feature allows you to save your story content into albums which are visible on your profile for as long as you need them to be.

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Have you tried Pinterest for your business?

One of the most powerful, yet seemingly overlooked, social platforms is Pinterest.   Pinterest goes beyond the traditional role of a social platform – Pinterest is a dynamic search tool which can be used to inspire and inform whilst at the same time driving awareness, traffic & conversions for your brand.  

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Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Over the past 2 years, how we use social media professionally has changed, possibly forever. From keeping in touch with friends and family to doing business, building professional connections, and getting to know co-workers, social media has become critical in terms of communication for businesses.

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TikTok open on a mobile phone

Why TikTok marketing isn’t for everyone

Tiktok is currently the #1 entertainment app on the Apple store, with over 9.8 million ratings. With over 3 billion downloads, the app has become the first non-Facebook-owned app to reach this number! Having exploded onto phone screens around the world in 2016 the app has seen significant growth over the past 2 years. With…

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Image shows a desk space, with a MacBook, iPhone notebook and glasses.

3 Affordable Advertising Options for Small Businesses

Do you want your local business to be a household name, without the hefty price tag? Do you want to learn how to capture new audiences’ interest, spread awareness of your brand identity, and direct people to your business? In the post-pandemic economic climate, with rent prices rising, many smaller companies are being forced to…

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How much money do you need to run a Facebook ad in 2021?

Paid Facebook ads are a great way to build momentum on your page, reach people who aren’t already following your business and drive social media users through to your website.   As we recently discussed in our blog about the difference between ads and posts, there are many advantages to adding a little budget to…

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How to make social media posts more accessible

Did you know that 1 in 5 people have a disability? Whether it’s visual, hearing, motor or cognitive, many of us need a little help with accessing content online.   By taking steps to improve the accessibility of your posts, you can not only enable more people to enjoy your stories and empathise with your…

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Overview of Google Analytics Acquisition

In the last Google Analytics blog we talked about the dashboard, and in this second blog we are going to focus on the ‘All traffic’ category of the acquisition section of the dashboard.  When you look at the acquisition section you can drill down into traffic, Adwords, search console, social and campaigns, but we will…

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Overview of the Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics quite simply is one of the most powerful tools we marketers can use to analyse and gain insight into our web traffic.  If you are a regular Google Analytics user you may have noticed that the dashboard has recently been updated to make it more user friendly, if you are a novice then…

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Why should you get expert social media marketing help?

It is clear that social media has changed the digital world dramatically, so much so that we now communicate with one another and brands in such a different way than we used to. Having the majority of existing and potential customers online in one environment means that brands can reach out to them more easily,…

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Spring clean your social media | Pick & Mix Marketing

  The nights are getting lighter, the flowers are blooming and there’s a warmness to air. It must be spring! Traditionally the time to freshen up your living space, we at Pick & Mix Marketing think it’s about time to get your social media spruced up. Read on for our top tips.

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Should you be using Clubhouse for business?

You might have heard about one of the newest, hottest social apps of the moment, Clubhouse. This new app has sparked a whole host of FOMO amongst social influencers and business people alike. The app has been praised for its simplicity, and its capacity to facilitate real community and discussion – but the question for…

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6 social media trends of 2021

As social media platforms and user-behaviours continue to evolve and adapt it’s important to keep on top of trends and habits to keep your brand top of mind for your audiences online.

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Facebook Classes: upgraded events

Aware of how important Facebook has become for broadcasting lessons in the absence of meeting in person, the social media site has upped the ante in teaching online. They’re now offering what they call a “new and improved event experience to host classes online”.  

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How to set up social media profiles for your business

Setting up profiles for your company’s social media channels can be a daunting task because each platform has its own personality and profile requirements. Here is a guide to setting up your company profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It will help you to prepare the information and materials you need in advance, so…

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Most common social media questions, answered!

It’s no secret that the social media world is constantly evolving. There’s always something new to learn, and keeping in the loop across multiple platforms can be tricky! We appreciate that understanding and making the most of social media can seem daunting. No matter if you are brand new to it, or using it regularly.…

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10 tips for how to gain reviews for your business

When you’re looking to buy an item or hire a tradesperson, what’s the first thing you do? For most of us, it’ll be reading reviews. Nearly all consumers nowadays rely on testimonies and recommendations before parting with their cash. They need to know they can trust the company, trust the product and trust the service.…

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How to sell your products on Facebook and Instagram

You’ve built a loyal page following and know how to excite your customers with great content. But are you closing sales on social media too? If you offer physical products that you’re able to ship to customers, Facebook & Instagram shops should be the next step in your strategy.   With the current restrictions in…

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Are you making these digital marketing mistakes?

Getting your digital marketing strategy right, and working for your business, can be tricky. Often businesses find themselves putting in a lot of time and effort to get a strategy in place, only to find they aren’t getting the results they hoped for.   If you find yourself struggling to figure out why your digital…

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5 top tips to Instagram success for businesses

Creating a great Instagram campaign is like any other Marketing Strategy. It always takes more effort than you think and needs to be well thought out before you start. With over 500 million users viewing Instagram stories every single day and 1 billion users logging in each month, can your business afford not to be…

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10 Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement

With 317 million monthly users on Twitter, now is the time to really harness the power of the site and start getting results for your business.   There are many strategies you could choose and you will need to test a few to create the best approach and method for your business. Here are our…

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6 Quick Blogging Tips

1) Get Help from Yoast When it comes to SEO it can be tricky and can take a while to learn the best way to optimise your content.  One of the best tools that we’ve found for helping to get a handle on SEO (if you are WordPress user) is Yoast SEO for WordPress Plugin.  It…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media For Business

The top 5 reasons why we feel you should be using social media for business are: Social proof Consumers are more and more savvy about what products they purchase, whom and where from.  People will take the time to research online before making a purchase. By having a social media presence that is both engaging…

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social media influencer

What and who is a social media influencer?

Identifying Influencers – who are they?   There’s no denying that influencers have changed how businesses and brands approach marketing and their online presence. Working with a social media influencer can turn a marketing campaign into a great success, but that’s only if the influential person fits your brand!  With so many ‘influencers’ out there,…

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Top review sites for customer feedback.

There are many review sites out there these days that allow customers to leave feedback for the businesses they’ve used or visited.   Review sites should also be considered as an important tool in engaging with your audience, both current and potential. Here’s why:

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Bespoke Facebook 1:1 Training Sessions

Are you wondering what to do with your business Facebook profile? Do you have a Facebook profile but are confused about what to post, when to post, or how to post? Then our Facebook 1:1 training sessions are just what you need! Our training sessions are tailored to your requirements and run at your speed.…

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TikTok and how it might help your business

  TikTok has gained momentum and just as we predicted at the start of the year, it is taking the social media world by storm. As one of the newer platforms, we wanted to get to know TikTok a little better and share with you our thoughts on this all-singing, all-dancing social network!   What…

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Using-Google-My-Business-in-your online-marketing-Pick-And-Mix-Marketing

Using Google My Business in your online marketing

When you’re looking for a particular product or service, how do you find it? Google! When you come across the name of a business on social media which you’d like to learn more about, what do you do? Google! And when you decide to visit a new shop, restaurant or café, how do you get…

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How to make the most of online communities

How to make the most of online communities   Social media provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with likeminded people, business communities, support groups, friends and family. We can keep in touch and join in on conversations taking place around the world at any time of day with instant contact. Social media is also a…

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Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates Social media is ever changing – from new designs and features to the added extras and everyday tools. With updates rolling out all the time, it’s vital to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of social media and be aware of what the changes might mean for your business.…

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Best Bits

Here are some of our best achievements to date, both for our clients and as a business!   February 2020 February has been all about getting social- in both senses of the word! From hosting two sell-out first-time events in York and spending quality time together in the team to achieving excellent social media campaign…

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Pick & Mix Marketing’s Guide to Networking in York

Have you just started a business or simply want to be more involved in the York business scene? We are lucky to have a strong community of business owners who regularly come together to meet and support one another through various networking events in York. One simple conversation can lead to so many different paths,…

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How to use social media mindfully

We love social media and know how much potential it holds for businesses. However, we are also well aware that we need to use it mindfully in order to protect and promote mental health. We’re delighted to welcome blogger Eve Martha to share her thoughts on the subject. She’s got some ideas for keeping a…

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Social Media Predictions for 2020

Social Media Predictions for 2020   2019 brought many changes to social media. Some were good, some were not so good. What no one can deny however is how exponentially social is growing. It’s absolutely essential that you plan social media into your 2020 marketing strategy because it’s almost certain that your customers will be…

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December social media updates

Social Media Updates: Looking forward to December

  As we head towards the festive season, it’s more important than ever that you’re on top of the updates to social media. For many businesses, Christmas is THE time to maximise the engagement of your followers! Just think about the many emotive Christmas adverts that we’ve seen appearing in our feeds from some of…

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Festive campaign ideas

Ten top tips for a successful festive marketing campaign

  If you’re looking to catch the eye of your customers this Christmas, you’ll need to get thinking about how to make your product or service sparkle. Here are our Ten Top Tips for a successful Festive Social Media Marketing Campaign…   PLAN. Make a plan several weeks prior to the offer/event to give you…

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Spook-tacular Halloween Marketing Tips for Business

Spook up your marketing this Halloween…but don’t SCARE your customers away!   Seasonal campaigns are a great way of enticing customers into your business, and Halloween is no exception. This is a great time of year to have some fun with your marketing and promotions. Here are a few of our favourite “spook-tacular” Halloween marketing…

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Mailchimp Email Marketing Image Sizes

A question that often comes up when we are talking to people about creating email campaigns using Mailchimp is, what size images should be used? So we have taken inspiration from a fellow Mailchimp expert and put together a list of the correct sizes to use. Image sizes When you’re saving images, you should take…

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2 Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track

When you’re investing time and money into an activity you want to understand the value and ROI it provides. Here are 2 social media metrics you should track: 1: Referral Traffic We always discuss with clients that it’s one thing to build up a social community on sites like Twitter and Facebook, but it’s how…

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Fall in love with your social media

    Social media has instant attraction. Customers engage with content about your product. Likes and retweets fly in. You and your colleagues feel a thrill of affection.   It’s easy to become enamoured with your Facebook stream when you first begin posting and your Instagram profile soon becomes a topic of office gossip.  …

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14 Must-Know Tips for Getting your Social Media fit in 2019

  14 Must-Know Tips for Getting your Social Media fit in 2019   We’ve all eagerly set resolutions to spur us on as we enter the new year. The problem is, without understanding what’s possible, setting an actionable plan and gaining the necessary support, we’re likely to be disappointed. All that good intention soon fades…

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Digital strategy tips to consider

Now is a good time for companies to take a look at their digital strategies. We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of building a solid strategy and are even running an event in a couple of weeks in Partnership with Make it York to help get the year off right. We believe a…

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Why is Twitter important?

Twitter now has over 335 million monthly active users, so you can see how some businesses are harnessing this to gain real results for their business. However, with all these users you may be wondering how your brand can stand out to be seen amongst such big numbers?   Many brands are creating and posting content…

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Christmas Wish List

It’s almost Christmas and the Pick & Mix Marketing team have been pondering our communal wish list for the festive season. Here’s what we’ve come up with – 12 things we hope our clients past, future and present can bear in mind so we can do an even better job in 2019. We hope everyone…

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Social Media Updates | November 2018

INSTAGRAM Instagram introduces more ways to shop With 500 million daily active users, 80% of whom follow at least one business account, Instagram has announced three new ways to discover new products, shop and keep track of shopping all in one place! Shopping Collections First off, Instagram’s added a new section where you can save tags of…

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Instagram for business Pick& Mix Marketing

How to prepare your Instagram for the festive season!

Christmas is nearly upon us and the festive period for most businesses brings an increase in customers/sales and increased revenue.  You don’t want to miss out on any of it by not being prepared.  Social media marketing is an essential part of Christmas marketing preparation, and that includes Instagram.   Create a Christmas themed content…

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Social Media Updates | October 2018

Well, where do we start…Google+ is no more, Facebook Portal is coming to a home near you, Instagram introduces “nametags” and in-stream video ads go live on Twitter!   Here’s a bit more information on the updates you need to know about from October 2018…   Farewell, Google+ Due to a recent data leak, low…

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Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us……

As the business turns 7 we are celebrating by offering seven charities in York, a FREE social media and marketing training workshop! This week marks 7 years of Pick & Mix Marketing!! Can you believe it! Where has the time gone! Seven years ago I set up Pick & Mix from an office at home, with…

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Social Media Updates | September 2018

  Social media is constantly getting updated—so you should be, too. Here are some of the top social media news stories from September that you don’t want to miss! LinkedIn takes the “Groups” experience to the next level. From the option to share rich embedded media to new notification settings to Group access via the…

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Social Media Updates | August 2018

2018 has seen some big changes to our favourite social media platforms already, and month by month, the updates keep on coming! Keeping up to date with these updates helps to ensure our strategy remains agile, relevant and competitive. More easily said than done, right? Here’s a roundup of the key social media updates from…

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Yorkshire Day Marketing

Ey up….it’s Yorkshire Day! Yorkshire Day has been around for 41 years and simply put, it promotes God’s own county…Yorkshire, the northern English country of the white rose! The first incidence of this celebratory day took place on August 1st, 1974, in Beverley. It was originally set up by the Yorkshire Ridings Society to protest against…

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Twitter Hours & Chats

We regularly take part in Twitter hours/chats and promote twitter hours as something all our clients should use to find like-minded people having conversations on Twitter about a topic or interest. A Twitter hour/chat is an event set up on Twitter that allows users to contribute by using a # (hashtag) to a conversation that…

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Social Media Updates | June 2018

Another month, another batch of social media updates….here are a few of the key changes that we feel you should be aware of!   GDPR & SOCIAL MEDIA   You’ve probably been inundated with emails referring to the new privacy law, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that came into force on 25th May 2018. This…

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Meetings and Events Spaces in York

With more and more people working freelance, having a great go-to meeting place or shared work space is becoming higher on a lot of people’s lists when it comes to work. Somewhere light, airy, spacious, quiet, with all the facilities you need, the list of requirements is growing day by day. To help you find…

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How to market your independent business in York

York is abundant with thriving, independent businesses, which we believe act as the cornerstone of the community and help to preserve York’s charm and uniqueness. Don’t get us wrong, we can all appreciate the ease of a chain of retailer or eatery, you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost. However, when…

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Social Media Crisis Management and how to be prepared

Crisis management: the process by which an organisation deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line. We have recently attended several lectures and workshops on crisis management which has influenced this blog post.…

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Social Media Updates | March 2018

It’s already mid-March and 2018 is flying by, so here we are again for our monthly round-up of the latest social media changes you need to know about!   Facebook Power Editor has GONE!   If you’re someone who regularly places Facebook Adverts, you will have seen that they have now got rid of ‘Power…

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Get your Marketing Hopping this Easter!

Want to get your Marketing hopping this Easter? Take advantage of this seasonal time of year and make your marketing egg-cellent! Here are a few of our favourite marketing ideas for this egg-citing time of year.   Create your own Easter Egg Hunt There are many ways you can put on an Easter egg hunt…

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Social Media Updates | February 2018

It’s time for our round-up of the latest social media updates from this month. From developments on Instagram stories to a new Facebook algorithm, if you use social media for your business, here are some updates you need to know…     INSTAGRAM STORIES   Instagram have been focusing on the ‘stories’ feature on the…

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Create a Love Story with your Brand Valentines Campaign

  It’s always important to make the most out of seasonal events that happen throughout the year, particularly big ones such as Valentine’s Day. It’s a chance for you to get a little more creative and help make your brand stand out from your competitors. We’ve created a list of 4 different marketing ideas that…

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Social Media Updates | January 2018

Social Media Changes   It’s only the beginning of 2018 and so many things have changed in the world of social media already! Are you struggling to keep up to date with them? We’ve created a quick round-up of the most important ones you should know about this month:   1. Facebook Adverts Choose where…

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UK Blog Awards

We’ve just heard that we’ve been accepted into the UK Blog Awards. We’re excited to see if we can get to the finals and possibly win an award at the UK Blog Awards event. We’ve entered the Pick & Mix Marketing Blog into the UK Blog Awards 2018 for the following categories: PR, Digital Media,…

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Create Cracking Christmas Social Media!

Create Cracking Christmas Social Media! The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on and what easier way to showcase your business than with social media. Give your audiences the best social media posts of the year! It’s time to inject some creativity into your posts and add some festive cheer into your daily updates…

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Team day out at Smarter Business Tech Live

  From virtual reality talks to SEO lessons from Google, our day in Manchester at Smarter Business Tech Live in November included a variety of topics and learning curves, all of which have become very beneficial to our day to day tasks.   We all know the world of digital marketing can change daily, hourly…

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Pick and Mix Marketing is 6!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us……   Pick & Mix Marketing is this week celebrating its sixth birthday! And what a fantastic journey it’s been since Sally, the founder started out on her own. Sally started Pick & Mix Marketing alone in 2011 from a desk at home, now with an office and…

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Pick and Mix live for York Business Week – Join us!

Pick & Mix Marketing go LIVE for York Business Week! Is your Social Media feeling under the weather? Our Social Media Surgery, hosted live by our team of experts is the perfect time to ask those burning questions, and pick and mix the perfect remedy to revitalise and fight off the social blues! We will…

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Jess’s first Great North Run, a great success!

Let’s rewind 8 months when the Great North Run ballot opened and I thought, “hey, I could do a half marathon, there’s plenty of time to train and what a great challenge for 2017!” in the back of my mind also thinking, “I’ll never get a place so there’s nothing to lose!”, fast-forward to the…

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A day in the life of: Sally Parker

My Day: Sally Parker   Role: Managing Director Likes: Horses, Yorkshire Tea, House Music, Mojitos, Spending time with Friends Family and Crisps (any size, flavour or shape just lots of crisps!) Dislikes: Traffic jams, being hungry and rude people. Favourite thing about the job: Having a wonderful team who are just amazing, and working with brilliant…

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A day in the life of: Jessica Valenghi

My Day: Jess Valenghi   Role: Marketing Account Manager Likes: Travelling and exploring new places, live music, getting muddy at festivals and my biggest love…. cheese and wine! Dislikes: Traffic jams, early mornings and people that dawdle! Favourite thing about the job: Watching businesses succeed and helping to be a part of it!   Diary…

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3 New Social Media Features

3 New Social Media Features Here’s 3 new social media features that could help develop your content and raise your brand profile event further. LinkedIn layout The social media network for professionals had made a big change by rolling out a completely new layout.  This new layout is like Facebook and now provides an instant…

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Facebook Updates that you must read

  Unless you have hours of time on your hands then it’s difficult keeping up with all the latest updates to Facebook.   So, to help you we’ve pulled together the latest updates that we think you need to know. There are now 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook Video Cover Images More content…

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How to create a social media policy for your business

This month we’ve been looking at creating social media policies for businesses and we’ve taken this opportunity to ask Denise Jennings from Athena HR to create a guest blog with her expert advice. It’s tricky finding the middle ground between policing what your employees are posting on social media and managing the way they represent…

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Carluccio’s restaurant launch in York!

Carluccio’s restaurant launch in York!

Earlier this month we were one of the lucky few to be invited to the VIP event at the brand new Carluccio’s restaurant in York. The evening was not only to celebrate the grand launch of the venue but to raise a glass for the man himself, Antonio Carluccio, to toast his 80th birthday! The…

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How to create a great social media marketing plan

Many businesses set off using social media and after a few months of posting each day and trying to understand if it is working they are left scratching their head and feeling frustrated with the lack of results. To prevent this situation from occurring we would always recommend creating a social media marketing plan before diving…

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Create an Eggtastic Easter Campaign

Here are a few ideas that can inspire you to create an Eggsellent Easter Campaign: Create an ‘Easter egg’ direct-mail campaign Direct Mail is the perfect tool for reaching a well-targeted audience with a special offer that the audience is likely to respond to. You could create a mailer in the shape of an Easter…

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Engage with your customers this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up —have you planned your promotions yet? Here are 9 ways to engage with your customers and make the most of the Mother’s Day marketing opportunity!   Send a promotion via email If you sell directly — flowers, beauty or spa services/products, gifts etc, you should be sending out some email marketing…

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