Team NewsRebecca-first-week-at-pick-and-mix

As you may or may not think, my first week at Pick & Mix Marketing as an Accounts Executive was one of great variety! No two days were the same, but that was one of the best things about it. Having completed my degree in Fashion Marketing just 3 weeks before starting at Pick & Mix, I was cautious, yet excited to see what the world of full-time work would bring me.  But, so far so good.

Once arriving at the Pick & Mix office, I was greeted with a team meeting which involved a creative brainstorm, (accompanied by pick n mix sweets of course!) and strategy work. It was a great way to start my first week as I could really get to grips with how Pick & Mix work and help me start to understand each client. It was also great to see how all the team bring something different to the table and really bounce off each other to create a strong and successful outcome.

On my second day, I dived head first into one of Pick & Mix’s long-standing clients. Sally advised me that before I began getting involved in the marketing services, I first really needed to understand who the client is and what they are aiming to achieve by their marketing activities. This included details such as customer profiles, aims & objectives, short & long term strategies and their current positioning within the market. I found out some great insights which enabled me to have a strong awareness of the particular client and their desires.  It was fascinating to see how the team go above and beyond meeting these desires by adjusting our services to fit exactly to what the client wants and needs. This is something I have seen occurring throughout my entire first week at Pick & Mix and something that I believe is extremely impressive! Once building on my client knowledge, I could then begin to get involved in their marketing strategy and activities.

One of my highlights of the week was when we attended a meeting with a client and an external company to discuss ideas and strategies that are to be implemented in the next 3 months. Working as a large team to strive for a common goal was something I really enjoyed.  It also allowed me to get involved in all things marketing from social media marketing, email campaigns, blog posts, direct mail and website updates.

I was also then given the challenge to carry out a social media and website audit.  This allowed me to really test my skills from my degree around research and expand my knowledge on the world of marketing. Once doing so I pitched a few ideas to Sally from what I had found out which she took on board.

All in all my first week at Pick & Mix has been thoroughly enjoyable from the culture and atmosphere they create in the office to the client services that we carry out. I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for my time at Pick & Mix and can’t wait to get involved with more clients (watch this space!).