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If you’re thinking it’s about time you got up to date with the recent changes to social media before you start marketing for the festive season and beyond, you’re not alone. We’ve had an influx in training clients all keen to get up to speed. In our sessions on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been sharing tips including the following…



Instagram’s already popular option to create a shopping post is set to take off even more with this coming update. Soon, they will be classed as adverts. This means you will be able to put a budget behind them and reach even more potential customers. The posts, which allow businesses to tag their online products in static images, give buyers a direct route to making a purchase. Within the next few weeks, you’ll be able to give them a monetary boost with the only difference for Instagram users being the post shows up in the feed as “sponsored”.

Shopping post

A great example of a shopping post tagging in products from @try_tuesday















The search bar is a powerful tool on any of the social media platforms and we always recommend using it to find relevant people and content to engage with. Luckily, Twitter has made it even easier for us to find who is active on the site. Now when you search, you can not only see a person’s mutual followers, but you can also see how many tweets they’ve posted recently. A great tip-off as to who you’re likely to get a response from if you tag them in a tweet!



Over on LinkedIn, news regarding searching is less positive. Despite the fantastic filters LinkedIn allows you to activate when searching such as by people, companies, locations and degree of connection, the site has toughed up on those using the search bar extensively; they want to get more people to go premium. Personally, we’ve noticed we’ve been singled out as “power searchers”. This may sound complimentary but in actual fact, it’s a sly move at getting us to pay. The good news is, there are ways around it. To find specific people, you could try looking through the connection lists of people already in your network and to discover more content, you can always navigate through hashtags.




As you may well know, Facebook and Instagram are closely linked. We’ve seen great results from Facebook post engagement ads being automatically placed on Instagram recently. What’s new for those of you using both platforms in your marketing strategy however, is the option to tag your Facebook page in your Instagram story. We know stories on Instagram are fantastic for livening up your social media offering, but what if most of your information and events are over on Facebook? Giving your followers an easy passage between the two is a brilliant way to mutually increase engagement across both sites.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on these developments. If you’re ready to take your social media to the next level and would like our help then get in touch with our team on 01904 863511. 

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