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My Day

Role: Marketing and Analytics Executive

Likes: An eclectic mix of music, good quality strong coffee, travelling to Europe, handbags

Dislikes: The dark, spiders, arrogant people and busy cities

Career highlight: One of my greatest achievements thus far is gaining exposure for our client Marbletree on National TV; on ITV’s This Morning programme. In December 2016 Holly and Phil did a personalised Christmas gifts feature and I secured placement for two of Marbletree’s core Christmas gift products, their Marble Ice and Marble Ice Cooler.  This exposure resulted in a surge in sales for the client which far exceeded their predictions. When we first met with the client one of the PR placements they dreamed of was to be seen on ITV’s This Morning and I made it happen! This type of result (achieving our client’s dreams) is what excites me to come to work each day. It gave myself and the team a great buzz and an achievement that all parties can be proud of.


Diary entries:

7.00am The alarm goes off, time to wake up


7.15am Time to get breakfast for my son, two cats; Oscar and Gizmo, and a strong coffee for myself


8.45am After showering and getting my son up, we leave the house for school and work


9.15am Kettle on at work and time to catch up on the emails


9.30am Prepare the training room for the training session which is due to start at 10.00am


10.00am A 1:1 bespoke training session with a client developing their social media knowledge and strategy to support them to get the most out of the platform


12.00 noon Tidy training room, grab a coffee & bite to eat, and check emails


12.15pm Run through all of our client’s social media profiles for questions, notifications and also spend time engaging with potential customers/clients on their behalf over the platforms


1.00pm Start phase one of implementing a SEO project on a client’s website using relevant keywords to ensure their website starts to rank higher on Google.  This includes updating the META titles, META descriptions, keywords, URLs and ensuring all the images used are labelled correctly


1.45pm Schedule a week’s worth of social media content on Hootsuite for a client on their social media profiles – Facebook and Instagram


2.15pm Check emails, add out of office and make my to do list of priorities for tomorrow


2.35pm Leave the office to go pick my son up from school.


If you would like to get in touch with Louisa to discuss how she can help you with your marketing please email or call the office on 01904 863511.



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