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This year we gave ourselves the challenge of writing a marketing tip EVERY DAY on Twitter for all of our lovely customers! Here is month 1 of the tips from back in January…

  1. The environment is constantly changing so ensure you keep up with relevant industry news. #Marketingtip1
  2. Giving something away helps build trust helping to develop relationships with new and existing customers. #Marketingtip2
  3. Build a database of contacts and keep adding to it. Every time you meet anyone at an event or gain a new client add them! #MarketingTip3
  4. A great way to build your brand and relationships. #MarketingTip4
  5. Social Media is a great way of building relationships, connect with everyone from your database and keep in touch! #MarketingTip5
  6. Giving away information for free is great but drip feed this content in a timely manner! #MarketingTip6
  7. Once you have a significant database begin to drill down to create a network of well-connected contacts. #MarketingTip7
  8. Get your business noticed to the correct customer with your branding. Get it right and the right business will follow. #MarketingTip8
  9. Although we have been told never to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ it’s hard not to so make sure your website looks the part! #MarketingTip9
  10. Refer potential customers to your contacts, again building trust and a partnership. They’ll remember you for it! #MarketingTip10
  11. See what everyone else is doing! Do some research work and find out what your competitors are doing, are you missing a trick? #MarketingTip11
  12. Join forces! Don’t dismiss ‘competition’ as often they will specialise in something slightly different to you, work together to maximise your offering. #MarketingTip12
  13. Constantly refer to your objectives, are you working towards? Don’t lose sight of the end goal. #MarketingTip13
  14. Remember your loyal customers. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and special! #MarketingTip14
  15. Work on strategy. Don’t jump straight in, outline where you are, where you are going and where you want to be. #MarketingTip15
  16. Good customer testimonials help to build trust with new and potential customers. #MarketingTip16
  17. Keep your customers up to date with your latest news. This can be done through newsletters, blogs, direct mail and social media! #MarketingTip17
  18. Tell the story. Who are you, where have you come from, why should customers choose you? #MarketingTip18
  19. Charity & Community Projects. Have you worked with local residents, charities or events recently? How did you help? Shout about it!! #MarketingTip19
  20. Be visible. Get your business noticed, whether through online listings, PR stories, social media campaigns or standing in the street in a costume. #MarketingTip20
  21. Get involved in hashtags. When relevant trending hashtags appear on Twitter, get involved! #MarketingTip21
  22. Take it outside! Not everyone is sat inside on their computer searching for your business, take to the streets and diversify your marketing. #MarketingTip22
  23. Support local events, charities and fundraisers they’re a great way of getting your brand name out there in a positive way! #MarketingTip23
  24. Sponsor something you feel is of value to the business! A local sports team, an event or a charity event. #MarketingTip24
  25. Be personal. Address your prospects on first name terms and use comp slips and friendly email sign offs to add that personal touch. #MarketingTip25
  26. Make sure you’re cover image and profile logo communicate a professional image and mirror your brand #MarketingTip26
  27. Search your business name in search engines and make sure your online presence appears correctly #MarketingTip27
  28. Use hashtags and URLs in Instagram content and direct people to the relevant page on your website #MarketingTip28
  29. Track your referral traffic through Google Analytics and find out how many people have visited your website from social media sites #MarketingTip29
  30. When create objectives make sure you use SMART – specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, time bound. #MarketingTip30
  31. Check privacy settings on your Facebook personal profile and also the settings on your business page #MarketingTip31


Keep an eye on our blog for more Marketing Tips coming soon, or follow our Twitter for your daily dose! @PickandMixMktg