Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a brilliant platform and one in which we believe has helped Pick & Mix Marketing become the success that it is today.

This platform is perfect for engaging in conversation and should not be used to just push messages out.

Here are our top 15 twitter tips for beginners:

  1. The more tweeting you do, the more impressions you will receive (the number of people seeing your content). However, if you overdo it, you could potentially lose followers as no one wants to see their timelines filled with only your messages. Aim for 2-5 tweets each day.
  2. Include keywords in your content as much as possible. Using relevant content throughout the day will attract followers specific to your industry/interests.
  3. You can build your Twitter community by connecting with those that follow companies/people like you.
  4. #Hashtags are a great way to gain exposure during events and interact with like-minded people.
  5. Look at the discover section of Twitter to see what those you follow are up to; what tweets have they favourited? Who have they followed?
  6. Use platforms like Hootsuite to schedule tweets, this will allow you to save time and ensure something is going out on your platform at least once a day. Remember to schedule the tweets during peak times to be seen by more people.
  7. Twitter is an excellent PR tool, journalists love it. Engage with them to help build your following and raise awareness.
  8. Twitter lists can be a great source of relevant people/companies to follow who might then follow you back.
  9. Ensure your profile has a professional profile picture and engaging header background to increase dwell time on your profile and help to attract more followers.
  10. Use your Twitter cover image to promote your website and company contact number.
  11. Interact with key influencers in your industry and you’ll pick up followers along the way.
  12. Don’t pester people, if you’ve tweeted them once don’t expect a reply straight away.
  13. Include pictures in your tweets, they are more likely to get more views.
  14. If people engage with you, make sure you tweet them back! You’ll gain followers by interacting with and acknowledging them.
  15. Quote the most interesting points within an article in a tweet and reference the author and article link. Twitter folk love a good quote!


If you would like to develop your Twitter knowledge we offer a 1:1 twitter training session. Please call 01904 863511 or email to find out more.